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SRAM XX1 Eagle 1x12 kompletní skupina (s X01 Eagle kazeta in černá) (bez část středového složení) Triggershifter černá/černá

1.099 €

SRAM XX1 Eagle complete set in black

The SRAM XX1 Eagle ™ Group works silently, intuitively, accurately and perfectly. Whether you're hunting for seconds in cross country racing or conquering epic climbs in the high mountains, the XX1 Eagle ™ is made for it. Designed specifically for MTB use, this group combines our latest SRAM 1x ™ shift technology with consistent lightweight construction. With a total transmission ratio of 500 percent, the XX1 Eagle ™ offers even smoother and more precise shifting, optimized durability and performance.

What to keep in mind:

The XX1 Eagle complete group will be delivered ready to install. Due to the many different bottom bracket standards, the group will be delivered without bottom bracket. The gearshift comes with pre-assembled cable and the matching handlebar clamp in the trigger version. The twist grip variant also comes with shift cable and the matching handlebar grips. (right short handle / left long handle) The XX1 Eagle chain comes with Powerlock chain lock. Everything is ready to race, accurate, lightweight, durable and completely in black thanks to the XG-1295 cassette.


  • What does the XX1 Eagle 12fold group include:
  • XX1 Eagle Carbon crank: 175mm in black /// GXP or BB30 (see model description)
  • XX1 Eagle Direct Mount Chainring: 32 teeth
  • XX1 Eagle shifter: twist grip or trigger in black (see model description)
  • XX1 Eagle rear derailleur: in black
  • X01 Eagle Cassette: XG-1295 black
  • XX1 Eagle Chain: PC XX1 Eagle HollowPin black


Crank Technology Carbon Tuned:

Strong as a buffalo, as light as a feather. Each CARBON TUNED component was designed for a specific riding style. With selective layers of carbon fabric in places of high stress and the use of straightened fibers, SRAM can produce parts of impressive strength and toughness yet extremely light and responsive.

Crank Technology X-Sync 2:

X-SYNC 2 Eagle is the next evolution in SRAM X-SYNC technology. The aggressive tooth design provides better chain guidance for a better feel and more efficient pedaling. With the focus on longer durability, the X-SYNC 2 reduces EAGLE friction and accumulation of dirt.

Shift lever technology ZeroLoss:

ZeroLoss stands for "zero loss". If you press the gear lever to shift up or down, the cable is triggered immediately, causing zero loss of motion. There is no idle time left waiting for the gear to lock into place. The gear will be changed immediately and accurately.

Shifter technology X-ACTUATION:

X-ACTUATION The X-ACTUATION technology, specially developed for SRAM 1X, ensures precise and constant shifts along the entire 10-50 tooth cassette.

Derailleur technology CAGE LOCK:

Thanks to the CAGE LOCK technology in the rear derailleur, the removal and installation of the rear wheel and the chain assembly are faster and easier than ever. Simply push the cage forward (to release the chain tension) and lock.

Rear derailleur technology X-HORIZON:

The parallelogram design of the X-HORIZON rear derailleur limits the movement along the horizontal axis, eliminating the so-called "ghost-shifting" and at the same time reducing the shifting force. For faster and more accurate shifting, the large offset of the upper pulley ensures constant chain spacing in each gear.

Rear derailleur technology X-ACTUATION:

The X-ACTUATION technology, specially developed for SRAM 1X, ensures precise and constant switching across the entire 10-50 tooth cassette.

Derailleur technology ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH:

ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH derailleurs offer maximum drive stability - even on grueling and highly demanding terrain. The ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH technology puts an end to wobbly rear derailleurs and beating chains - without sacrificing precision.

Pinion Technology X-DOME:

The X-DOME technology creates an incredibly light, precise and robust cassette. The open design wipes dirt off better and gives you smoother shifting performance and longer component life.

Pinion Technology X-Glide 2:

X-Glide 2 is the further development of the SRAM X-Glide technology for the Eagle 12-speed cassette from SRAM. It provides a quick and precise gear change, even under load, across the entire bandwidth.

Pinion Technology X-Dome Freewheel:

XD is a freewheel body design for cassettes that can use a small 10-tooth pinion to improve contact with the cartridge.

Chain technology HARD CHROME:

The chain has a four times higher (wear) resistance than the other SRAM chains. This is due to the new machining process for the inner links and rollers. The push pin strength and the overall strength correspond to the current chains. The XX1 chain lasts longer and is extremely stable.

Chain technology PowerLock:

SRAM has developed PowerLock as a tool-free, secure and consistent way to connect the 10-11-12-speed chains. Although PowerLock does not require any special assembly tools, each PowerLock should only be used once, given the tight tolerances of a 10, 11, or 12-speed drive.


  • 1x 12x XX1 Eagle complete set black with X01 Eagle cassette in black


GXP Triggershifter
Číslo výrobku GRP42026
Sada à 1.099,00

vč. 19% DPH
plus náklady na dopravu.

BB30 Triggershifter
Číslo výrobku GRP42027
Sada à 1.099,00

vč. 19% DPH
plus náklady na dopravu.

SRAM XX1 Eagle 1x12 kompletní skupina (s X01 Eagle kazeta in černá) (bez GXP část středového složení) Triggershifter černá/černá
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