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Silniční kola lanka, bowdeny & koncovky

Buy cables for road bikes

Cables on the road bike are also called switching cables and are part of the Bowden cables on the bike (name giver was the inventor H. Bowden). The cables transmit the traction for switching from the lever to the gearing system. On principle, you won't recognize any difference between road bike cables and those of an MTB. Here, cables of diameters 1.1 mm or 1.2 mm are also used and their ends are identical and do not show any differences. Only Campagnolo cables can be a little thicker. Campagnolo cables show extremely low friction values, but actually only harmonise with Campagnolo components - which thusly guarantees an optimally running system.
I you do not piece everything together individually, you can simple fall back on a ready-made cable set for road bikes. At such sets, you can recognize that cables of a road bike are mostly shorter than their MTB pendants, who often need longer cables. We offer you a great variety of brands at favourable prices: Discover road bike cables from SHIMANO, Jagwire, SRAM, Campagnolo and more here in our shop.

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