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Packing bag on the bike and the new possibilities for bike packing

Whether bike trip, bike packing or daily trips to the office. We have the suitable bags for your bike

Nowadays, the trend which pairs the fascination for travelling by bike with fun in cycling is called bike packing. The most modern bag systems are used for this purpose in order not to make your bike unresponsive in spite of this much load. The bike is supposed to remain agile and manoeuvrable, and that off the beaten paths. Thus, the emphasis when bike packing lies more on a spartan equipment for your trip, which is easily realizable with practical features on the bike.
By using rear wheel bags, front wheel bags as well as handlebar bags or handlebar bike rolls, top tube bags, triangle bags etc... there are more possibilities, here we get to the classical fan of bike travels. Here, a lot more of the bags listed are being used, which of course becomes noticeable in the weight and also in the agility of the bike. If you want to get away from it all as an "overnighter", and if you are looking for a short adventure for two days (with one outdoor night), then, the new "bike packing" offers you many more possibilities than ever before.

Packing bags for the bike - if possible watertight.

The term packing bags mostly defines pannier bags. Rear view of a typical packing bag, here Ortlieb Back-Roller ClassicThere are different sizes depending on what type of trip you are preparing for. 20 litres or larger ones with 40 litres. And you can buy them individually or in pairs, depending on the model, for left and right on the rear wheel of your bike. They are the optimal companions for the bike travel as well as for everyday life. Such side bags on the bike are not only available for the rear wheels, but there are also solutions for the front wheels. They are fastened to the fork and are called lowriders.
The property watertight mostly plays an important role at such packing bags when deciding to buy. Because if you are on a big tour with your bike, you will want to ensure that your property arrives in a dry and dustfree condition, whatever you might stow in the bags. Here, you should also place emphasis on watertight closures and materials. Many bags additionally score with shoulder straps and a handle for hanging the bag onto the bike/taking it off again. Many bags are compatible with holding systems or adapters for a quick fastening (such as KlickFix, QuickLock or similar). Panniers are quite uncomplicated, they can be thrown over the existing rack of the bike quite practically, but thus, they cannot be used as flexible as carrying bags/courier bags, as more modern variants can.

Practical frame bags or handlebar bags also offer much space.

Smaller but very practical solutions are triangle bags, which are optimally placed in the frame triangle. They do not disrupt, use the free space optimally and offer space for spares, tools, the replacement tube and other small stuff. Buy Specialized Vital top tube bag at a favourable price from HIBIKE As an alternative, top tube bags offer even more additional stowage possibilities,energy nutrition bars and the mobile phone for example fit it very well and are readily available. Handlebar bags offer you on the handlebar respectively in front of the handlebar sufficient stowage space and that (on request) also with quite a lot of volume. Handlebar bags are even available in the shape of trunks as "hardcases".

Now, it is high time that you discover our large selection of bags for your bike. We offer you an exceptional selection of brands and favourable prices!

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