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Buy springs for MTB suspension forks online

Roughly differentiated, suspension forks use either spiral springs or air chambers as an elastic element. A spring for suspension forks ensures that the MTB fork has resistance when deflecting and thus absorbs impacts. It softly passes it on to the handlebar and your hands, then rebounds and thus ensures that the travel is quickly ready for use again. Mostly, manufacturers use springs of steel since they are cheap to produce. The disadvantage is that they are heavy. Titanium springs are much lighter but also a lot more expensive than steel springs. They are only used for very high-quality suspension forks or offered as retrofit-kit for light construction freaks. The elastic characteristics of both materials are similar and cannot be distinguished by a layman. There are springs with different spring rates (spring constants) available for most of the suspension forks, in order to adjust the firmness to the individual rider's weight. In general, it can be said that suspension forks in the lower to medium price segments are being equipped with springs nowadays. They are cheaper, less maintenance-intensive and less susceptible to defects. High-end products are mostly equipped with air cartridges due to the lower weight. Here in our shop, you'll for sure find the matching spring at low cost for your mountain bike suspension fork.
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