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Kufry & příslušenství k silničním pedálům

Cleats & spare parts for road bike pedals

In the field of road cycling, cleats are defined as road cleats. Even the mounting is a little different. In a road bike shoe the cleat is bolted to the shoe sole, whereas an offroad cyclist uses a shoe with a hole where the mount is integrated. Road bike cleats provide fewer mobility, since the fixed stand of the foot adds to the pedaling efficiency, an extremely important characteristic for road bikers. Even here, cleats need to be correctly and optimally adjusted to prevent knee damage and pain after each trip. Since road bike shoes are not very convenient to walk with, marching should be reduced to a minimum. However, if a break is needed, you can prevent your shoes from abrasion by using protective caps on the asphalt. They are called cleat protectors or cleat covers. Even cleat spacers are available for road bikers to balance differing leg lengths. Be it a spare part for 5 Euro or the cleat set by Speedplay for 100 Euro, in our road bike pedal shop provided with all current brands such as Time, Speedplay, Shimano, Ritchey or Look, you will for sure find what you are looking for.
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