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Brzdové špalky pro V-brzdy/Canti

Brake shoes / pads for rim brakes

Even though rim brakes on MTBs have been more and more sidetracked, you'll find a large selection of spare parts, such as brake shoes and brake pads for all common rim brakes online in our shop. No matter whether your little treasure is equipped with cantilever brakes, V brakes or hydraulic brakes from Magura. Primarily, make sure to pay attention to the installation type of the brake pads: cantilever brake shoes mostly have a smooth stud which is secured laterally to the cantilever arm. At V-brake pads on the other hand, there usually is a thread at the end of the stud and the brake shoe is screwed by means of an Allen key locknut. Convex and concave discs allow for the exact adjustment. The actual brake pad can be individually replaced at some brake shoes, which facilitates the replacement. Therefore, it can save you time and nerves to retrofit corresponding carriers. Magura pads for HS33 and HS11 feature a clip fastening which allows for a fast replacement. The correct rubber mixture is dependent on the rim: standard pads are designed for normal aluminium rims, ceramic rims can cope with harder brake pads. Soft mixtures for a particularly high and rim-sparing brake force are also available and can be recognized by their red colouring most of the times. Please consider that the pads should touch the rim in the front first in order to prevent any vibrations or squeaking noises. With time, the rubber will glaze so that you should replace rim brake pads, even though they are not yet worn out, in favour of the brake force from time to time.

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