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Wahoo KICKR Headwind ventilátor

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Required cooling

The KICKR Headwind is the first truly intelligent fan that is truly made for cyclists. The targeted model reflects the shape and position of the cyclist's body during his ride. The KICKR Headwind is controlled by sensors - if your speed or heart rate increases, the speed of the fan increases. It is also possible to set 4 manual speeds if you want to regulate your ideal airflow yourself. With speeds over 48 km / h, the KICKR Headwind will keep you cool even during the toughest training session.

Control your her climate

Powerful airflow

The multi-speed vortex fan of the KICKR Headwind can generate wind speeds such as those achieved when racing down the open road. In this way, the cooling effect of the high speed is achieved, as it is needed to still feel comfortable even during the toughest indoor workout.

Controlled workout

KICKR Headwind can be synchronized directly with smart trainers in addition to compatible training programs, heart rate monitors and speed sensors in order to perfectly adjust the intensity of the training session. The speed of the fan automatically adapts to your efforts. Or simply set the fan by hand to control your ideal fan speed yourself.

Optimized for the driver

The targeted headwind model of the KICKR Headwind has been developed in such a way that the airflow from the fan is aimed directly at your body, exactly where it is needed most. In this way, the fantastic feeling of being on the road is achieved indoors.


  • Powerful airflow: With wind speeds of over 48 km / h, the KICKR Headwind will keep you cool even with the greatest efforts
  • Targeted airstream model: The targeted airstream model of the KICKR HEADWIND was designed to reflect the shape and position of the cyclist's body during his ride
  • Sensor-controlled fan speed: Control the speed of your KICKR Headwind using direct synchronization between the fan and your ANT + speed sensor, heart rate monitor or smart trainer. If your speed or heart rate increases, the fan speed increases too
  • 4 manual fan speeds: Control the KICKR Headwind with the simple push of a button. You can select your optimal airflow from four (4) pre-programmed wind speeds
  • App control: just tap the Wahoo app to control the fan speed
  • KICKR Desk Compatible: The KICKR Headwind is designed to mate with the KICKR Desk, and the wheels on the KICKR Headwind allow the fan to click into place when attached to your KICKR Desk


specification description
Supported Devices KICKR bike, KICKR v5, KICKR 18, KICKR Core
Connectivity Bluetooth
Wireless software updates Yes
Maximum fan speed 48 km / h
Dimensions (unfolded, L x W x H) 18 x 12 x 19 cm
weight approx. 5.44 kg

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Wahoo KICKR Headwind Fan (see item description for details)

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