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B&W kolo.box 2.0 Transportkufr

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B&W kolo.box 2.0 Transportkufr 84920056 310,02€
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B&W Bicycle Box II bicycle case

Based on the latest developments in transport solutions for bicycles from B&W International, the Fahrrad box II manages to improve almost every function of its predecessor. In addition to the new design and functionality, the production effort has been made more resource-efficient. This also resulted in a weight loss of 1.4 kg, which is particularly important when traveling by air. At the same time, none of these improvements mean a price increase.

High usability

The bike box II is suitable for racing bikes up to 62 cm frame size and hardtail mountain bikes up to 46 cm frame size. The bike is fastened inside the case with straps and optimally protected by several layers of foam. The two case shells interlock at six points and are locked with a self-tensioning strap system. Two handles, two pull handles and four stable, smooth-running castors make maneuvering easier.


  • Patented tension belt system
  • Durable materials
  • Light weight
  • More volume when used, less when stored /
  • Shipping (bowls can be stacked one inside the other)
  • Easy-running castors (2 fixed, 2 freely rotatable)
  • Comfortable handles
  • Easy to pack thanks to the removable cover tray


specification Details
Weight 10.6kg
Internal dimensions 1150mm (bottom) / 825mm (top) x 810 x 280 mm
External dimensions 1190 x 890 x 295 mm
colour black
material SECTION

scope of delivery

  • 1 x B&W Bicycle Box II hard-shell bicycle case including pannier set (see item description for details)
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