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Deuter První pomoc-sada Pro

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Handy first aid kit for emergency care

Deuter's very well-equipped first-aid bag contains extensive emergency material such as clothes scissors, lots of bandages - and also free space for personal medication or other supplements. The high-quality first-aid pack is therefore exactly the right equipment for a large family or group tour. The basic equipment was selected based on medical recommendations.


  • handle
  • Handy first-aid bag with basic equipment according to medical recommendations
  • SOS label with emergency numbers
  • Including lots of bandages, clothes scissors, tweezers and instructions for first aid for casualties
  • Fast access to the entire contents thanks to the all-round zip including emergency instructions
  • PFC free

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses in this product.

PFC free
This deuter product is free from perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals. deuter thus reduces the use of environmentally harmful substances that harm the environment and health. Among other things, PFC is used as a coating to protect against rain because it has water, dirt and grease-repellent properties. Instead, deuter now uses DWR (durable water repellency) impregnation that is harmless to health and environmentally friendly.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Deuter First Aid Kit Pro (see item description for details)
  • 1 x fleece triangle cloth
  • 1 x gauze elastic
  • 1 x fleece wound compress, sterile
  • 1 x Leinaplast WSV set, 20 pieces
  • 1 x Mediplast rigid (tape) with protection
  • 1 x Metal Clothing Scissors / Large
  • 1 x signal whistle
  • 1 x rescue blanket g/s
  • 1 x tweezers "field of violets"
  • 2 x bandage packs M, sterile
  • 2 x bandage packets G, sterile
  • 2 x latex gloves
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