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Ergon SMC sedlo dámské S/M stealth

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The solution to seating problems

Ergon focuses on the stubborn seating problems of mountain bikers. Compared to the SM series, the orthopedic foam is thicker, softer and offers more contact area. The flat seat enables dynamic sitting in different positions without tilting effects. As always with Ergon, the new SMC saddles are available as anatomically adapted versions for both genders.


  • Seat cushion construction: Orthopedic seat foam offers increased support and best pressure distribution
  • Large pressure distribution: Optimal pressure distribution in the area of the sit and pubic bones thanks to a flat, even contact surface to prevent seat complaints
  • Anatomically adapted relief: relief channel for effective prevention of complaints and numbness in the perineum and genital area. Specially adapted for men and women
  • Flexible side wings: The flexible side wings ensure optimal power transmission biomechanically and reduce the pressure on the upper leg muscles


specification description
Field of application MTB, eMTB, fitness
core Orthopedic seat foam
Upper Microfiber
upholstery Orthopedic Comfort Foam
Seat shell Nylon composite
frame CroMo
edge protection S / M: 9-12cm / M / L: 12-16cm
dimension S / M: 26.6 x 14.9cm / M / L: 26.8 x 16.4cm
Weight S / M: approx. 280g / M / L: approx. 305g

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

Comfort and performance
The new SMC saddle series offers very high relief and seating comfort and also looks sleek. The flat seat enables dynamic sitting and thus the changes in position typical of MTB from the rear to the saddle nose.

Ultimate seating comfort
The anatomically optimized surfaces and the orthopedic comfort foam ensure the best pressure distribution without discomfort.

Ergon Women Series
Thanks to the relief opening located far forward and the wide saddle flanks (V-shape), the pressure that is generated is reliably distributed to the bony structures of the seating area.

SMC Women pressure measurement
The anatomically adapted relief opening located far forward minimizes pressure in the genital area.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Ergon SMC saddle women (see item description for details)
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