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Assos GT Ultraz zima návleky na boty

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velikost 0 (36-39) black series 95238369 84,29€
Číslo výrobku výrobce P13.62.696.18.0
velikost I (40-43) black series 95238370 84,29€
Číslo výrobku výrobce P13.62.696.18.I
velikost II (44-47) black series 95238371 84,29€
Číslo výrobku výrobce P13.62.696.18.II
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Protection against the cold for extreme sub-zero temperatures

The GT Ultraz Winter Booties are made from the two-layer twinDeck material and offer maximum protection against wind and weather in the harshest winter conditions.

ASSOS wanted to give serious riders the ability to keep going no matter the weather, so they created the ultimate stormproof gear that offers head-to-toe protection. The Ultraz Winter Booties build on the essential features of the GT Winter ASSSOIRES series and also feature additional layers of material for increased insulation and protection in the most extreme conditions. The booties are worn as overshoes in the coldest winter temperatures in combination with the Ultraz winter socks, the spear hood and the GT Ultraz winter bib tights to provide maximum protection for your lower half of the body.


  • Featured Fabrics: The main material is the ThermoShell, which ASSOS has applied in two layers on top of each other. This three-layer softshell material includes a sealed PU membrane and a perforated circular knit structure - this means: increased breathability without sacrificing thermal insulation. Finally, they added a water-repellent coating for an extra dose of protection
  • sportGrip: This grippy material with one-way stretch is used for the sole to minimize slipping when walking and increase durability
  • zeroCuff: An open-edged edge at the shoe opening creates what is probably the cleanest transition between trousers and overshoes
  • Construction/Fit: In addition to the double-layer twinDeck design, the booties have a concealed camlock zipper which, in conjunction with the zeroCuff used by ASSOS, ensures the cleanest transition between leg and material and further improves the aerodynamic profile of the overshoes

scope of delivery

  • 1 pair of Assos GT Ultraz winter overshoes (see item description for details)
Assos GT Ultraz zima návleky na boty velikost 0 (36-39) black series
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