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BMX kola

BMX bikes

The BMX sport has its roots back at the end of the 60s in the USA and is still going strong today as a popular form of cycling. It is roughly subdivided into BMX freestyle and BMX race. Two completely different forms of cycling, for which there are own competitions on different trails and/or courses. The bikes also have to be differently equipped. What both BMX bikes have in common is the wheel size of 20", they are exclusively ridden single-speed, meaning without gear-shifts, and they have a relatively high handlebar. Freestyle BMX is again divided into dirt, flat land, vert and street. Here, it is always about tricks, acrobatic performances and balance. You'll often see big jumps over ramps, dirts or in skate parks stylistic, partially very difficult tricks, flips and spins. The bikes must be very stable and often feature so-called "pegs" (extensions of the axles to the outside), for the "grinding" on edges, rods especially intended for that purpose or handrails of stairs. This form of BMX sport is strongly connected to a certain lifestyle and comparable to skateboarders or surfers. BMX race has been an olympic discipline since 2008 and has experienced a strong upturn since then. More and more fans, especially the young ones, get enthusiastic about this technically and physically very demanding type of BMX riding. Here, they start with eight cyclists on a prepared course with berms and high jumps, and it is about the fastest time. This requires strength and endurance in equal measure, as well as riding technics in order to be able to cover the distance as fast as possible. Here, tricks or other show performances do not count. The BMX racing bikes must be light but also stable. They mostly have narrow tyres for little friction resistance and they are ridden with clipless pedals in order to have the best start. A relatively long wheel base makes the small bikes more stable at higher speeds.
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