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Rock Shox tlumič Volumen-Spacer vzduchkammer sada)

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Číslo výrobku
Monarch/Vivid Air (Bottomless ring sada) 10,07€ 12630112
Super Deluxe/Deluxe (2017+) (Volume Reducer sada) 12,10€ 22638825
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Volume adjustment for Rock Shox air dampers

For many current Rock Shox air dampers, the spring characteristic can be changed by inserting volume spacers.

How does the characteristic change by using Bottomless Rings / Volume Reducers?

If your damper responds well and the sag is right, but the damper cuts through too easily, you need a steeper curve and less air chamber volume. The insertion of spacers allows exactly this volume reduction. Please note the information in the instructions of your damper how many spacers you can use maximum or ask us!

The Bottomless Rings are suitable for all damper with DebonAir air chamber and the Vivid Air, the Volume Reducer fit only for Deluxe and Super Deluxe.


  • Volume reduction for steeper characteristic curve
  • no spring travel change
  • easy to use
  • Belt key required


Rock Shox damper volume spacer air chamber

worth mentioning

Please direct yourself in compatibility issues only after the manufacturer number, not after the possibly incomplete or too general article designations!

Unfortunately we can not keep up with more than 4000 Rock Shox spare parts if a single spare part is suddenly compatible with another fork or that a spare part "for Reba" only fits the first series and not one of the two later ones.

Contact us at info@hibike.de for your questions about Rock Shox parts - we also have a large collection of current and older parts catalogs, oil level documents and service manuals. To identify your fork or damper, it's best to send meaningful photos. Due to the time required we can offer this service only by email and not by phone.


  • 1 x Rock Shox Damper Volume Spacer Air Chamber (see item description for details)
Rock Shox tlumič Volumen-Spacer vzduchkammer Monarch/Vivid Air (Bottomless ring sada)
Rock Shox tlumič Volumen-Spacer vzduchkammer Super Deluxe/Deluxe (2017+) (Volume Reducer sada)
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