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Mavic Crossmax SL silniční kolo-/XC helma pánské black/yellow Mavic

99,90 €
145,00 €

Ergonomic construction, lasting comfort and excellent heat management

The ergonomic design ensures a natural fit and a lot of comfort - with additional protection for the back of the head. The Live Fit technology ensures an adaptive fit - and thanks to XRD® foam, the helmet retains its position in any driving situation. The Ergo Hold SL retention system offers optimal adjustability, comfort and support. The Crossmax SL Pro padding offers exceptional comfort thanks to pre-formed, progressive padding. The 37.5 ™ material on the helmet pads uses active particles to attract moisture and absorb body heat.

The perfect helmet for cross-country sports is fast, light and safe at the same time. He feels like you do not have a helmet on his head. But it provides ultimate protection when you need it. The natural feel of the Crossmax SL Pro results from its ergonomic design and the patented Live Fit technology - the innovative construction of XRD® foam adapts to your head shape at lightning speed. Add to that the Ergo Hold SL holding system, which can be adjusted easily and perfectly with one hand, even while driving. And the Crossmax Pro Pads with their progressive padding provide even more comfort. The visor is removable, to adapt to different lighting conditions. And the 37.5 ™ pad technology uses active particles to absorb moisture, absorb head heat and absorb sweat 5 times faster than traditional materials. So you stay cool and dry even when the race gets hotter and hotter.


  • 1 x Mavic Crossmax SL Pro Road / XC Helmet Men's Helmet Gr. S (51-56cm) black / yellow mavic (see item description for details)
Pro cyklistická velikost S (51-56cm)
Číslo výrobku 96320849
EAN/UPC: 889645116129  |  Výrobce-č.výrobku: 39264519
Pár à 99,90

vč. 19% DPH
plus náklady na dopravu.

na velikost M (54-59cm)
Číslo výrobku 96320850
EAN/UPC: 889645116136  |  Výrobce-č.výrobku: 39264521
Pár à 99,90

vč. 19% DPH
plus náklady na dopravu.

Pro cyklistická velikost L (57-61cm)
Číslo výrobku 96320851
EAN/UPC: 889645116150  |  Výrobce-č.výrobku: 39264523
Pár à 99,90

vč. 19% DPH
plus náklady na dopravu.

Mavic Crossmax SL Pro silniční kolo-/XC cyklistická helma pánské velikost S (51-56cm) black/yellow Mavic
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