Lezyne got founded on 1 March 2007 by Micki Kozuschek and other partners from the industry .

The former professional triathlet Kozuschek is native in Germany. In the beginning of his sporting career Kozuschek generated the brand „Maxcycles“ and brought affordable but high quality bicycles and clothing to the german market.

Shortly after his moving to the USA Kozuschek founded the company „Truvativ“ growing up to a leading manufacturer of OEM and aftermarket components.

In 2004 Kozuschek sold „Truvativ“ to SRAM and started a two-year break from the cycling industry. In 2007 he returned and founded the company Lezyne - Engineered Design in the U.S. district San Luis Obispo, near Los Angeles, that still produces high quality bicycle products like air-pumps or multi tools.

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