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Campagnolo Ekar 13rychlost/í

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Číslo výrobku
Číslo výrobku výrobce na displeji
retez 118-clánku vcetne nýt na retez 51360029 35,08€
Číslo výrobku výrobce CN21-EK1318
řetěz 117-článků včetně řetězový zámek 51360104 36,50€
Číslo výrobku výrobce CN21-EK13ML
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Campagnolo EKAR chain

In addition to an efficient drive system, the drive chain in the Gravel discipline must work perfectly to contribute to fluid and quick gear changes while always ensuring maximum safety. It also needs to be strong and durable, and the Ekar-C13 drive chain performs excellently on all fronts. At just 4.9mm wide, the C13 drive chain is 0.25mm narrower than Campagnolo's 12-speed drive chain, but offers exactly the same high performance and durability, qualities recognized in all Campagnolo drive chains. The C13 drive chain combines effectively with the special profile teeth of the chainring of the 1x13-speed crankset and the Ekar sprockets for a safe, efficient and smooth-running drive system. Despite its slim profile, the C13 drive chain is very robust; their C60 steel inner links with a nickel-teflon surface treatment withstand the highest rate of wear encountered on gravel tracks. The entire drive chain, manufactured at Campagnolo's Vicenza factory, goes through an exclusive lubrication process with an ultrasonic bath system that guarantees that the special lubricating formula covers all the links deeply and evenly. The result is efficient operation and high resilience, ensuring durability and less maintenance, even in difficult off-road conditions.

The new C13 drive chain is a fundamental element of the mechanical Ekar groupset

The Ekar C13 drive chain is available in two types of closure: with the classic Campagnolo pin or with the new C-Link™ for even easier disassembly and cleaning. The two versions have been designed to offer the versatility needed to meet the different needs of all types of gravel use around the world. Whether you are a pure gravel rider, want to compete in long-distance endurance races or enjoy the all-road experience, in both versions you will enjoy the same endurance and efficiency using the same materials and processes.


  • New C13 drive chain - specially developed for the Ekar 1x13 Speed Gravel group Special profile toothing of chainrings and sprockets: for an efficient drive system, smooth shifting and high safety
  • Narrow profile: light, strong and efficient Strong and durable chain links - used steels with different carbon content and surface treatments that ensure robustness and resistance to wear
  • Unique lubrication system using an ultrasonic bath - for long-lasting efficiency
  • In the versions with Classic Pin and C-Link™: options for every type of gravel rider

Technical specification

specification CN21-EK1318 CN21-EK13ML
area of application Gravel Gravel
drive 13-speed 13-speed
number of chain links 118 117
closure Classic pin C-Link™
weight approx. 242g approx. 242g

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Campagnolo Ekar chain (see item description for details)
Campagnolo Ekar retez 13rychlost/í 118-clánku vcetne nýt na retez
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