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Hope F22 Plattform-pedály

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blue 51849682 162,59€
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orange 51849683 162,59€
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red 51849686 162,59€
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silver 51849687 162,59€
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purple 51849685 162,59€
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High-quality flat pedals from England

Hope's new F22 pedals have a larger footprint and offer an improved interface between rider and bike. The proven and low-maintenance inner workings of the F20 pedals have been adopted.



  • Revamped platform
  • Pedal body manufactured with a 5-axis milling machine
  • Larger concave dome profile for stable shoe support and superior contact
  • Asymmetrical and tapered shape allows a lot of stability for the foot and at the same time a lot of ground clearance for narrow passages and ruts
  • Long and adjustable pins with a unique hexagonal contact surface for even more grip
  • The concave shape of the pedal body is made even more noticeable by using shorter pins in the middle of the pedal
  • The pins are screwed in from below so that they can be tightened and the heads are protected by the pedal body.
  • The proven inner workings of the F20 pedals remain (3 industrial bearings and a sliding bush)
  • Internal and external seals prevent ingress of mud and debris
  • Can be completely disassembled and reassembled.
  • Newly designed, stronger axle with increased impact resistance


specification description
area of application All mountain, enduro, trail
Type platform pedal
Material pedal body 2014 T6 aluminum
Dimensions / support surface 105x102mm
Material pedal axle Cr-Mo
materials warehouse stole
Stack / height 14mm
pins Interchangeable

scope of delivery

  • 1 pair of Hope F22 platform pedals (see item description for details)
Hope F22 Plattform-pedály blue
Hope F22 Plattform-pedály orange
Hope F22 Plattform-pedály red
Hope F22 Plattform-pedály silver
Hope F22 Plattform-pedály black
Hope F22 Plattform-pedály purple
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