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100% Armega Forecast Goggle Clear nuclear citrus

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The ARMEGA offers an unparalleled advantage for the modern racer

The ULTRA HD screen brings the clearest view for motocross and downhill. Experience sharp definition like never before with a lens with increased impact protection and a quick release system. Add in the proprietary, contrast-enhancing HiPER lens technology, and you'll feel the depth of your surroundings as you maneuver through them.

This premium technology is embedded in an unbreakable lens using an injection molding process, which has an enormous field of vision and impact protection. The 6-point closure secures the lens and works hand in hand with the Quick Release System, which allows lenses to be exchanged with just a few clicks.

The dual-injection molded frame features a new sweat management system that collects sweat and moisture while riding and wicks it away from the lens through an integrated channel out of the goggle. Air inlets in the frame ensure better airflow, clear, unobstructed vision and cooling.

Are you looking for a goggle that is 100% developed for motocross or DH competition? Then you have found the answer with the ARMEGA.


ULTRA HD is the disc of choice for the world's best racers. It is integrated with a shatterproof and impact-resistant polycarbonate material that has been specially molded without optical distortion. The result is a lens engineered to maximize protection while providing the clearest, most accurate vision on the trails.


  • The pioneering ULTRA HD lens offers unsurpassed optical clarity
  • Self-cleaning canister with integrated liner reduces sludge build-up
  • The quick-release system enables the discs to be changed quickly and easily
  • The 6-point closure with quick release ensures that the disc fits perfectly
  • 2mm thick, shatterproof and impact resistant, injection molded disc
  • Reinforced, dual-injection frame for maximum protection and durability
  • Air inlets for high air circulation and optimum moisture evacuation
  • Contour-adapting sealing technology ensures the goggle stays in place
  • New sweat collection and drainage system
  • Three-layer perforated foam wicks sweat and increases ventilation
  • Strap with 48mm width and extra thick silicone strips for maximum grip
  • Removable nose protection to ward off dirt and stone chips

scope of delivery

  • 1 x 100% Armega Forecast Goggle Clear (see item description for details)
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