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Assos mimo jiné GT Ultraz zima kalhoty se šlemi dlouhý dámské (mimo jiné GT Evo-cyklistická vložka)

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velikost L black series 95231045 294,77€
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velikost XXL (XLG) black series 95231049 294,77€
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Support and protection under extreme conditions

The UMA GT Ultraz Winter Bib Tights are made of proven winterproof textiles that are characterized by unbeatable insulation, breathability and weather resistance. ASSOS used the highly insulating roughened RX Heavy material, which they also use for their winter bib tights, as the basis. In addition, they have applied a second layer of fabric on the outside of this model for an extra portion of protection. For this twinDeck design, ASSOS used NEOS ultra-textile: a very thin two-layer softshell material with a sealed PU membrane. Not only is it water repellent, it is also 100% windproof. In this way, legs and buttocks that have to withstand the elements are completely protected from snow, rain, wind and cold.

As with the Winter Bib Tights, the back of the leg is made of RX Light, which means that this area that is moved the most is even more breathable with additional comfort. The fit of the Ultraz belongs to the "regularFit" category, which means that thanks to the two-layer design, the tights are slightly compressible where necessary, but are not as tight as pants in racingFit. The pieces of fabric are pre-shaped and sewn in such a way that they completely enclose and support the thigh muscles, knees and calves during movement - so they follow your movements with every step on the pedal. ASSOS has used its tried and tested UMA EVO cushion for the cushion, which is made of 8 mm thick, soft memory foam and offers reliable comfort on every journey.


  • RX Heavy: Used on the inside of the legs. This brushed tricot binding was developed to provide excellent comfort with its moisture-wicking, highly insulating and extremely flexible properties. 290 g / m², environmentally friendly water-repellent coating and odorControl
  • NEOS Ultra: Patented two-layer windproof and highly breathable softshell material with a sealed PU membrane for additional water-repellent properties as a second layer of fabric along the legs. Weight: 190 g / m²; Breathability: MVTR 44 500 g / m² / 24 h; Water column:> 10,000 mm; Elasticity: stretchable on 4 sides
  • twinDeck: This two-layer fabric design optimizes the insulation of the tights with its textile combination of NEOS Ultra and RX Heavy
  • RX Light: Lightweight material with a tricot binding and asymmetrical stretch that offers light insulation and increased comfort at the back of the knees. 205 g / m², environmentally friendly water-repellent coating and odorControl
  • UMA winter upholstery: The elastic “UMA” upholstery - further developed. This upholstery, now in black, has ASSOS` proven 8 mm thick layer of memory foam and optimally combines comfort and performance
  • 3D waffle: A patented three-layer, perforated foam that increases breathability and has no excess weight
  • goldenGate: A patented process technology in which the seams along the side parts of the upholstery are interrupted, thus enabling increased three-dimensional freedom of movement in this sensitive, constantly moving area
  • Y7 Frame Carrier bibTech: Wide, flexible carriers are brought together on the upper back in a Y-shaped design and result in a flat, stable structure that fits seamlessly between the shoulder blades
  • Buckle: A flat magnetic clasp that is attached below the chest and is easy to adjust and open
  • Stabilizator V3: Stabilizes the back thanks to solid mesh fabric with limited vertical stretch. With motifs from the UMA GT series and climaCode
  • Reflective accents: Attached to the back of the tights to make you more visible
  • regularFit: Optimized for all-round comfort in the driving position. The cut is a little freer than with your skin-tight racing fit

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Assos Uma GT Ultraz winter bib shorts long women (see item description for details)
Assos mimo jiné GT Ultraz zima kalhoty se šlemi dlouhý dámské (mimo jiné  GT Evo-cyklistická vložka) velikost L black series
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