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Assos Équipe RS S9 zima kalhoty se šlemi dlouhý pánské (Équipe RS-cyklistická vložka)

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velikost L black series 95231003 406,72€
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velikost M black series 95231004 406,72€
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velikost S black series 95231005 406,72€
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velikost XL black series 95231006 406,72€
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velikost XXL (XLG) black series 95231007 406,72€
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velikost XS black series 95231008 406,72€
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Made for intense training rides in cold weather

For years, ASSOS's legendary Bonka tights have stood for "Full Winter Offense", i.e. absolute winter protection, as ASSOS' comfortable fit and reliable insulation lure you out onto the streets season after season, even on the iciest winter days. However, there were a few key areas that needed improvement as they wanted to provide more targeted protection and increased stability while reducing overall weight. The result of this development are the EQUIPE RS winter bib tights S9. First of all, ASSOS has transferred its proven frame structure à la A-Lock Engineering to the bib tights. This supportive system wraps your legs evenly and continuously stimulates muscles with light compression. hour after hour. The new model also keeps the padding in place thanks to the "ergoBox" stitch pattern and the "rollBar" straps, which means your buttocks are fully supported by the padding at all times, even when you move in and out of the saddle and shift your weight. As far as winter-ready materials go, ASSOS has made use of their trusty 2-layer twinDeck for the knees, up the thighs, crotch and hips, made from feather-light, equally 2-layer membrane SPHERE Ultra and heat-retaining brushed OSMOS Heavy. The thicker SPHERE Medium is used on the back. These bib tights, made from lab-developed waterproof and windproof fabrics, give you targeted protection throughout without compromising breathability in any way.

For the upholstery, ASSOS has used their race-proven EQUIPE RS upholstery - only without kraterCooler air holes - in its popular basalt color. It is equipped with a superAir microShock foam layer, the 3D waffle upper material and the goldenGate technology used only by ASSOS.


  • A-Lock Engineering: The S9 system combines materials and manufacturing processes to provide the shorts with maximum stability so that the padding does not slip
  • OSMOS Heavy: This tricot is mainly used. It's the heaviest brushed material in the entire OSMOS family (290 g/m²), which also has asymmetric stretch and a soft, durable structure. The roughened inside provides a high level of insulation
  • SPHERE Ultra: With its two-layer twinDeck structure, it is processed together with OSMOS Heavy in the front panel of the crotch to provide additional warming insulation. Patented two-layer windproof, waterproof and highly breathable softshell material with a sealed PU membrane that provides additional water-repellent properties, maximizing insulation and minimizing weight. Weight: 140gsm; Breathability: MVTR 40,000 g/m²/24h;
  • water column: > 10 000 mm; Elasticity: stretchable on 2 sides
  • SPHERE Medium: The thickest version of SPHERE, used for the upper back, is a patented three-layer windproof and highly breathable woven softshell material with a sealed PU membrane for additional water-repellent properties. Weight: 320gsm; Breathability: MVTR 20,000 g/m²/24h; water column: > 10 000 mm; Elasticity: 4-way stretch
  • twinDeck: Two-layer fabric that gives the bib tights their continuous insulating properties. Made from OSMOS Heavy in combination with SPHERE Ultra
  • Blister protection: A tummy and crotch section made from ASSOS` highly breathable, windproof and waterproof SPHERE Ultra material for extra comfort and additional warmth
  • rollBar: Your unique, patented design, in which ASSOS is based on the stabilizer bar of a racing car: the supports act as a stabilizer for the pad, while you shift your weight from left to right in corners
  • ergoBox: A square-shaped pattern that effectively frames the back of the pad for added stability
  • Carbon Xbib: A single section of stretchy material folded over to create a supportive A-frame and limited vertical stretch at the back. A more flexible material made of an antibacterial carbon fabric was used over the "X" junction. It wicks moisture and lies flat in the front
  • Sealed Seams: The front sections have sealed seams, which further increases the waterproof properties of the trousers
  • DWR coating: This model has a durable water-repellent (DWR) coating so that wind and weather really cannot harm you
  • waterBarrier: ASSOS` geoprene outer shell at the end of the leg area that repels water and fits securely to the overshoes
  • EQUIPE RS winter pad: Pad specially designed for racing in 3D basalt coloring without the kraterCooler air holes on the front
  • kukuPenthouse: A soft layer of OSMOS Heavy on the front part of the padding, which provides support for the male anatomy, relieves pressure and improves air exchange
  • superAir microShock foam layer: A lightweight, open- cell foam with a shock-absorbing structure that always returns to its original shape, filling the gaps whenever your riding position changes due to weight shifts in the saddle
  • 3D waffle: A patented three-layer perforated foam that increases breathability and has no excess weight
  • goldenGate: A patented process technology in which the seams are interrupted along the side parts of the upholstery and thus increased three-dimensional freedom of movement in this sensitive area that is always in motion
  • is made possible
  • Reflective Bands: Attached to the back of the calves for better visibility
  • aeroFit: ASSOS` slimmest fit, specially designed for high speed and tighter than their racingFit, which also offers a higher level of compression. It can feel restrictive when not in the riding position, but fits like a second skin while riding

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Assos Équipe RS S9 winter bib shorts long men (see item description for details)
Assos Équipe RS S9 zima kalhoty se šlemi dlouhý pánské (Équipe RS-cyklistická vložka) velikost L black series
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