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Giro Fixture MIPS II cyklistická helma dámské univerzální

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Číslo výrobku
Číslo výrobku výrobce na displeji
velikost (50-57cm) matt light harbor blue 91712522 101,68€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 7149874
velikost (50-57cm) matt titan fade 91712520 63,96€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 7149877
velikost (50-57cm) matt ano harbor blue fade 91712521 57,86€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 7149868
velikost (50-57cm) matt black 91712518 63,96€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 7149871
velikost (50-57cm) matt white 91712519 80,23€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 7149880
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Ready for any use

How do you improve the world's #1 top-selling helmet? Very careful and with careful attention to details. This revised helmet features a revised silhouette and optimized cooling. Whether you're embarking on your next off-road adventure or just taking a relaxing ride around the house, the Fixture MIPS II delivers the unbeatable combination of performance, classic design and price-performance. Strong styling, quick-drying pads, an easy-to-use, durable Roc Loc Sport adjustment system and rear reflective elements cover every rider need. Giro has to disappoint everyone who, after all the updates and improvements, is now expecting double the price for the second generation of the fixture. But the Fixture MIPS II remains in its position as the price-performance winner.


  • In-mold polycarbonate shell with EPS inner shell
  • Roc Loc™ Sport adjustment system
  • 16 ventilation openings
  • Reflective zones
  • Quick-drying pads


specification Description
Area of application All mountain, trail, trekking
Outer shell material Polycarbonate
Inner shell material EPS
Closure system Twist lock, Roc Loc™ Sport
Head circumference 50 - 57 cm (unisize)
Extras removable visor
Weight approx. 280g

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses in this product.

The MIPS® safety system is designed to provide additional protection for helmets in a variety of accidents. In certain impact situations, the MIPS system can reduce dangerous forces that might otherwise be transmitted to the helmet wearer's head.

1. Conventional helmets are designed and tested for straight impact. However, in most cases the impact occurs at an angle, which can cause rotational movements to the head.

2. These rotational movements can cause brain injuries.

3. The low-friction shell is intended to help reduce rotational movements to the head in certain cases of oblique impact.

Straight impact - oblique impact

The brain is typically more sensitive to rotational motion than linear motion because it has similar shear strength to water or gel. When rotational motion causes different areas of the brain to move away from one another, the tissue can be stretched, causing concussions or other brain injuries.

Rotational motion is a common cause of concussions and more severe brain injuries from an oblique impact to the head. The MIPS system consists of a low-friction shell that is attached inside the helmet. The low-friction shell is designed to slide slightly inside the helmet in the event of an accident, allowing forces to be directed away from the head. It is intended to help reduce the risk of brain injuries.

Most traditional helmets are designed for a straight impact, but in most cases the impact occurs at an angle. The low-friction shell can reduce the rotational forces of an oblique impact.

Security system based on the brain

Unlike traditional helmets, which are designed and tested primarily for straight impact, the MIPS system's low-friction shell mimics the brain's own protection system against rotational motion. The cerebrospinal fluid is our natural protective system that allows the brain to move offset from the skull.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Giro Fixture MIPS II helmet women (see item description for details)
Giro Fixture MIPS II cyklistická helma dámské velikost univerzální velikost (50-57cm) matt light harbor blue
Giro Fixture MIPS II cyklistická helma dámské velikost univerzální velikost (50-57cm) matt titan fade
Giro Fixture MIPS II cyklistická helma dámské velikost univerzální velikost (50-57cm) matt ano harbor blue fade
Giro Fixture MIPS II cyklistická helma dámské velikost univerzální velikost (50-57cm) matt black
Giro Fixture MIPS II cyklistická helma dámské velikost univerzální velikost (50-57cm) matt white
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