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Wilier Cento1Air 105 7000 RS 100 28" silniční kolo úplnýrad model 2020

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Číslo výrobku
velikost M red/white 2020 2.337,64€ 18692998
velikost L red/white 2020 2.337,64€ 18693000
velikost XXL red/white 2020 2.337,64€ 18693004
velikost M black/red 2020 1.986,84€ 18692997
velikost XL black/red 2020 2.337,64€ 18693001
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Used to high speed

A new milestone was set in the house of Wilier. The fifth generation of the Cento1 has now become reality. After the Cento1, the Cento1SL, the Cento1SLR and the Cento1SR wanted to penetrate further. Once again. The basic idea of this novelty for 2014 was to approach the aerodynamic efficiency of the TwinBlade, in addition to the now absolute versatility and comfort of the Cento1.

The Cento1 has now become more than a partner of the wind. Powerful, stiff, comfortable and now even more aerodynamic. The Cento1AIR unites Wilier's entire knowledge gathered over the past years.

Aerodynamic benefits

Integrated Aero Fork

The fork is the first part of the frame to meet wind resistance. Here began Wilier's revolution of Cento1. It was a relatively simple question that required an incredibly demanding answer. How do you replicate the aerodynamic efficiency of the TwinBlade fork in a conventional fork? With the already integrated Cento1SR fork (14% higher torsional stiffness compared to Cento1, thanks to the repositioning of the lower and horizontal tubes relative to the head tube), Wilier now has 2 small channels below the fork crown, in line with the TwinFork concept in the Twin Blade. These two small channels support the air flow and at the same time allow for increased rigidity. The down tube, in its new lowered position, fits seamlessly into the fork crown and creates another air foil that can further reduce air resistance. The brake entry hole of the fork is concealed by the down tube, which keeps it clean and well protected.

Asymmetric rear arms

Thanks to the solid, central BB386EVO bottom bracket, Wilier has designed generous rear seat stays and arranged asymmetrically in line with Wilier's long tradition. Concept symbol of Cento1 improve the asymmetric rear struts the eifficiency when pedaling.

Aero Seatpost

A Wilier Triestina design and Ritchey production, in carbon monocoque. Wilier has designed it to integrate seamlessly with the sophisticated aerodynamics of the frame. The locking mechanism is combined. Simple yet intelligent, the aerodynamic effect remains incredibly safe. There are two fastening systems that work together at the same time. The first inner part locks the saddle to the frame. The second, one clamp, locks the saddle by preventing it from slipping into the seat tube.

Aero rear stays

During the development of the TwinBlade, Wilier has learned that the aerodynamics of the frame are improved if the rear oblique seat stays are kept as low as possible. This was also done with the Cento1AIR by keeping the stays as low as possible, within the UCI standards. The rear brake is completely covered by the struts. As with many other frame parts, the vertical struts were also constructed according to the comb theory. A clean cut that, from an aerodynamic point of view, forms a virtual "fin" that still allows them to stay light and comply with the UCI rules. Compared to other solutions, the rear brake is standardly mounted to the frame with a standard socket wrench, without the need for additional parts.

Attention: Illustration may deviate from equipment list


specification description
frame Carbon monocoque 60TON
fork Carbon monocoque 60TON
porch FSA OS-168
handlebars FSA Omega
tax rate Ritchey Pro
group Shimano 105 R7000
Shift / brake lever Shimano 105 R7000
derailleur Shimano 105 R7000
derailleur Shimano 105 R7000
crankset Shimano 105 R7000, 50 / 34t
bottom bracket Shimano Press Fit
cassette Shimano 105 R7000, 11 / 28t
Chain Shimano 105 R7000
braking system Shimano 105 R7000
seatpost Ritchey Carbon Custom Cento1Air
saddle Selle San Marco - Squadra
impellers Shimano RS100
tires Vittoria Zaffiro Pro


  • 1 x Wilier Cento1Air 105 7000 RS 100 28 "Road Bike Complete Bike Mod. 2019 (see item description for details)
Wilier Cento1Air 105 7000 RS 100 28" silniční kolo úplnýrad velikost M red/white model 2020
Wilier Cento1Air 105 7000 RS 100 28" silniční kolo úplnýrad velikost M black/red model 2020
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