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VAUDE LED Tool Satteltasche black

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VAUDE LED Tool Satteltasche black 22,84€ 87074785
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The LED saddlebag by VAUDE

The practical bag can not only be quickly and easily attached to the saddle with a twist adapter - it is also "OSRAM ready"! This means that the separately available LED light guide from OSRAM can be inserted into the bicycle bag and, similar to a bicycle light, combined with a compact power bank, ensures 270 degree visibility. Thus, cyclists can spontaneously extend their cycling tours in the evening - and are better seen in the twilight of the transitional periods in traffic. The OSRAM light guide takes up little space and leaves enough space for tools, granola bars or a thin wind vest. With reflective elements. The bag also has a handy holder for a flashing light. The innovative OSRAM ready lighting concept ensures 270 degree visibility in darkness and twilight and is the perfect complement to STVO-compliant bicycle lighting. The VAUDE Green Shape label stands for an environmentally friendly, functional product made of sustainable materials.


  • OSRAM®-ready product "can be supplemented with the LED light guide set
  • Main compartment with zip
  • Twist adapter
  • inside pocket
  • Reflective logo for better visibility

Applied technologies

In this chapter, we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

Fair wear

Green shape label
With its Green Shape label, Vaude offers you functional, environmentally friendly products made from sustainable materials. In manufacturing, you pay attention to fair working conditions throughout the supply chain. The criteria for the assessment are strict and transparent. They are constantly reviewed and cover the entire lifecycle of the product - from design through production to maintenance, repair and recovery.

With OSRAM LED ready Lighting, VAUDE ensures a real enlightenment in modern everyday life. In cooperation with the traditional German lighting pioneer OSRAM, a groundbreaking lighting system was developed for the industry, which ensures more active visibility and safety in modern (outdoor) everyday life. It can be used in several backpacks and bags by VAUDE and is the perfect complement to StVO-compliant bicycle lights


  • 1 x VAUDE LED Tool Saddlebag (see item description for details)
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