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Tune Komm-Vor dvě barevný/á/é karbon sedlo zelená/černá

186,75 €
249,00 €

Tune Come-in front of carbon saddle

Come-saddle is only 98g easy!

Bag-wise chocolate biscuits! Of course, Tune has used chocolate doping in the development of the 98 gram lightweight comm-saddle. So it's easier to brood.

But then some of us had to take care that he can still drive it himself: You can weigh 90 kilos including equipment and clothing, more is not possible with so much lightweight construction. Tune guarantees absolute safety, whether on a mountain bike or racing bike.

The flat, wide saddle nose prevents deaf limbs. Deep, round side edges offer you plenty of freedom of movement, even on the steepest trails. Available in different colors, hand laminated at Tune in the Black Forest.

Extremely comfortable and flexible saddle for the long haul.

Flat saddle nose for ... sprint etc.

Deep-drawn side edges so that no trousers hang (freeride shorts).

Through integral solution smooth transition carbon / artificial leather.

Real handmade from the house Tune / Made in Germany.

Technical data of the Tune Komm-Before carbon saddle

Width: 131 mm
Saddle shell and struts: Karbon
Saddlecloth: Synthetic Leather / Carbon UD (3K on request)
Saddle frame: Carbon, additionally fiber-reinforced in the clamping area
Bracing diameter: 8 x 10 mm
Upholstery: Synthetic leather, more is not necessary!
Width: 131 mm
Saddle nose: flat
Sides: deep-drawn
Application: MTB RR
Max. Rider weight: <90 kg
dvě barevný/á/é zelená/černá
Číslo výrobku 43099623
Výrobce-č.výrobku: SL0204gg
Kus à 186,75

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