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Tip Top sada záplat na opravu TT01 Touring

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Tip Top sada záplat na opravu TT01 Touring 2,60€ 93710040
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TipTop repair kit in the smaller TT01 package

Tip Top-Repair is the bike-repair kit par excellence. Already since 1937 there is this brand, in which not only the company logo is black and red, but also their typical patches. These patches and the vulcanizing fluid (SVS solution) form a system in which the patches are inseparably "fused" to the bicycle tube. That's tight!

The typical green repair kit box

Very early in a metal box, for decades in a plastic box, but always in green. The product range TT01 is an all-rounder for the repair of all hoses, whether in the racing bike, in the trekking bike, in the everyday bike or in the mountain bike. Since it is a little smaller than the TT02 range, it is often taken when it comes to space. Otherwise, the patches do not differ.

Delivery TT01 assortment

  • 4 patches Gr. F1 (the rounds with 25mm diameter)
  • 1 patch size F2 (the oval, 50mm long and 25mm wide)
  • 1 SVS fluid (vulcanizing fluid) 3g tubules
  • 1 sandpaper
  • 1 valve hose
  • 1 instructions
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