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SRAM Red eTap sada WiFLi 2x11rychlost/í Umruestsada (včetně přehazovačka, přesmykač, Schaltbrzda/y/upáka, Akkus, nabíječka, USB Stick)

1.174,99 €
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SRAM Red eTap Kit WiFLi

It's time to turn up a gear. The boys and girls at SRAM know that technological progress has to prove itself in practice. With the SRAM Red eTap they have proven that it is possible to be elegant, sporty, progressive and modern at the same time.

SRAM RED eTap 2x11 Upgrade Kit WiFLi

Just a bike should be easy. Elegance means giving up everything superfluous. That is progress, and the requirement for SRAM's first electronic circuit, the SRAM RED® eTAP. SRAM combines all technologies in one of the most modern switching groups. The right lever switches to a heavier gear, the left lever into a lighter gear. Press both levers simultaneously to move the derailleur. Simple, unmistakable and intuitive, this logic is called eTap.

The new electronic Sram Red eTap 11x2 fold road bike components with wireless data transmission. Using 128-bit encryption, the eTap sends and receives its switching signals, checking for compliance of the signals using an SRAM proprietary wireless protocol known as airea. Each time an eTap group is connected, a new encryption key is generated and assigned to the components in that group for security.


  • WiFLi (up to 32 teeth)
  • AIREA 128-bit encryption
  • YAW ™ technology
  • Front: 2-fold, Rear: 11-fold
  • ErgoFit shift brake lever
  • Reach Adjust ™ technology
  • Developed for SRAM PowerGlide ™
  • PowerdomeX ™


Shift Brake Lever : When developing the SRAM RED® eTap®, SRAM was inspired by Formula One. Their switching logic virtually eliminates interconnections and the switching process is precise, fast and easy. The idea behind it: higher speed through consistent simplification: The right lever switches to the larger, the left to the smaller gear. And you can control the front derailleur simultaneously by pressing both levers. The revised ErgoFit shift brake levers connect the driver and the wheel to form one unit. This allows you to adjust the reach to your personal preferences with Reach Adjust ™ technology. The Carbon ErgoBlade levers and the wide SRAM eTap © buttons keep you in control of your bike.

Rear Derailleur: The SRAM RED eTAP rear derailleur works at your fingertips - wirelessly, smoothly and accurately. The configuration is a breeze. But not only his electronics are convincing: his design is straightforward and pleasingly uncomplicated. Its cage made of carbon, its ceramic pulleys and its polished aluminum housing make it a gem of just 238g (with battery).

Derailleur: The SRAM Yaw ™ technology finally puts an end to the annoying trimming of the derailleur. SRAM's Red eTAP front derailleur shifts wirelessly, quickly and reliably. The eTAP shifter automatically optimizes the Yaw ™ derailleur over the entire shift range.


  • 1x SRAM RED eTap WiFLi 2x11-speed conversion kit (including rear derailleur, front derailleur, shift lever, batteries, charger, USB stick, brake cables and brake outer shell)


SRAM Red eTap sada WiFLi 2x11rychlost/í Umruestsada (včetně přehazovačka, přesmykač, Schaltbrzda/y/upáka, Akkus, nabíječka, USB Stick)
Číslo výrobku 54209170
EAN/UPC: 710845797705  |  Výrobce-č.výrobku: 00.3018.119.004
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