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Shimano XTR RT-M900 brzdový kotouč Center-Lock Ice-Tech FREEZA stříbrná/černá

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140mm 54,09€ 72807523
160mm 55,92€ 72807524
180mm 57,45€ 72807525
203mm 60,50€ 72807526
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Shimano XTR SM-MT900 Brake Disc

The design of the brake discs is a further development of the successful ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA design. While the 140- and 160-mm discs in particular the weight reduction by 5 or 10 g is attractive, the 180- and 203-mm versions are characterized by a further improvement in heat dissipation by 20 ° C in intensive tests and also hold back comfortably on the scale (203 mm: minus 30 g).


  • Stable and versatile braking performance in the toughest conditions
  • New ICE-TECH FREEZA construction for even faster heat dissipation

Applied technologies

In this chapter, we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

Shimano Center Lock
The CENTER LOCK system allows easy rotor mounting with spline mount and circlip. The ring fastening system "The Lock" reduces the overall working time by shortening the installation and de-installation time. In addition, the secure attachment through the spline mounting increases the precision and rigidity while improving the braking effect.

Shimano Ice-Tech FREEZA
With SHIMANO's ICE-TECH technology, the ultimate brake disc has been developed using aluminum fins for better thermal control. Thanks to a larger surface area for heat distribution, the brake disc achieves a temperature reduction of 50 ° C. This in turn generates a 20% increase in braking time and a 20% increase in the service life of the brake pad.


  • 1x Shimano XTR SM-MT900 brake disc Center-Lock Ice-Tech FREEZA incl. Lockring (see item description for details)
Shimano XTR RT-M900 brzdový kotouč 140mm Center-Lock Ice-Tech FREEZA stříbrná/černá
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