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Park Tool TS-4.2 centrovací vidlice

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Park Tool TS-4.2 centrovací vidlice 92490055 505,66€
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Park Tool TS-4.2 Truing Stand

Updated version to allow an even larger selection of hub, wheel and tire combinations with free space, with a wider base structure and larger centering arms. More precise and easier to calibrate, the versatile TS-4.2 is solidly built to self-center almost any wheel with a diameter from 16 "to 29" + and any tire width up to 5 "+.


  • The holding arms both move at the same time so that the wheel is always positioned in the center of the truing stand
  • Suitable for tire widths up to 5 "+ with or without a mounted brake disc
  • With an additional adjusting knob for quickly changing the axis width
  • Suitable for hub widths from 75 mm to over 250 mm
  • Precise operation and adjustability
  • Built-in thru axle adapter
  • Machined, welded, assembled and calibrated in our factory in St. Paul, MN.
  • Chrome-plated and powder-coated heavy-duty steel construction
  • Removable, interchangeable nylon centering tips to protect the painted / anodized rims
  • Dimensions: 64.77x41.28x29.21cm (LxWxH)

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Park Tool TS-4.2 truing stand (see item description for details)
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