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Schwalbe Rocket Ron Evolution LiteSkin Lite-Skin pláště kevlar Addix Speed-compound black model 2018

31,90 €
57,90 €

Schwalbe Rocket Ron Evolution LiteSkin Folding 29 "Addix

The 29 "Cross Country Rocket unites speed and cornering stability at the highest level - an excellent all-rounder for the racetrack Super light with 127 EPI Evo carcass Profile design: Balanced ratio between stable studs and sufficient clearances for excellent rolling properties and excellent self-cleaning.


  • LiteSkin
  • evolution
  • addix
  • speed

Applied technologies

In this chapter, we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

LiteSkin | Level 2
The easiest option. The LiteSkin MTB tires do without SnakeSkin, but also have the high pressure stable tire core. The tire construction is made of high quality carcass fabric.

Go to your limits and demand the maximum from your tire. Under extreme stress, he shows his true face: more grip, more speed, more mileage. Experience another dimension. ADDIX - the new compound for all legendary tires of the EVO-Line. ADDIX makes all legendary EVO tires even better. With four mixes Schwalbe responds to all requirements - SPEED, SPEEDGRIP, SOFT, ULTRA SOFT. The names are program, they directly name the character of the compound. All tests in the laboratory and in practice show that ADDIX performs better than any other compound in terms of direct parameters as well as complex properties.

ADDIX SPEED is the compound for XC Race specialists. It catapults Schwalbe's XC tires into a new performance dimension. Who believed it would be even faster - here is the answer. ADDIX Speed ​​really only loves one thing: speed. But it is the rolling resistance again on the collar. It is lower than the previous PaceStar, at the same time ADDIX Speed ​​is more durable and resilient.


  • 1x Schwalbe Rocket Ron Evolution LiteSkin folding tire Addix Speed ​​black-skin Mod. 2018 (see item description for details)

product video

54-622 (29x2.10)
Gewicht: 485g (Herstellerangabe)
Číslo výrobku 42948247
EAN/UPC: 4026495817042  |  Výrobce-č.výrobku: 11600384.02
Kus à 31,90

vč. 19% DPH
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57-622 (29x2.25)
Gewicht: 520g (Herstellerangabe)
Číslo výrobku 42948249
EAN/UPC: 4026495817066  |  Výrobce-č.výrobku: 11600385.02
Kus à 31,90

vč. 19% DPH
plus náklady na dopravu.

Schwalbe Rocket Ron Evolution LiteSkin Lite-Skin pláště kevlar 54-622 (29x2.10) Addix Speed-compound black model 2018
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