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Ráfky pro ráfkovou brzdu 26 palců

Mavic XC 717 26 MTB-ráfek 32 děr black
Mavic XC 717 26'' MTB-ráfek 32 děr black
Maxtal - exclusive, only for Mavic made aluminum alloy; SUP - welded and over-milled rim joint for maximum precision; Conventional rim bores; UB Control -...
55 €
Alex Rims DA16 ráfek 26 černá
Alex Rims DA16 ráfek 26'' černá
Semi areo doublewall rim profile; Option: CSW; Pin joint, 28, 32; 36 holes;
17,95 €
od 12,90
Mavic XM 117 26" MTB-ráfek Loch black
Mavic XM 117 26" MTB-ráfek Loch black
Tubetype; External wear indicator; Non eyeleted; Pinned; UB Control; Traditional drilling; 6106 aluminum alloy; Specification FeatureSpecifications Valve...
23 €
Alex Rims SUPRA DOME EX ráfek 20 36h černá
Alex Rims SUPRA DOME EX ráfek 20'' 36h černá
Welded joint; 36, 48 holes; chrome,black; 440g; ERD: 391;
45,95 €
Spank Spoon 28 Kids 28AL Disc ráfek 32-děr
Spank Spoon 28 Kids 28AL Disc ráfek 32-děr
Key Technologies: OohBah ™, Dynamal Alloy; Material: MGR Dynamal Alloy; Size: 20"/ 24"; Weight: ± 340g (20")/ ± 490g (24"); Spoke hole: 32H; Inner/ outer...
59,90 €
od 50,90
DT Swiss 535 26 treking/elektrokolo ráfek Loch černá
DT Swiss 535 26'' treking/elektrokolo ráfek Loch černá
Gewicht: 540g (28" Variante); Felgenverbindung: Pin joint; Öse: Einfach; Bremsentyp: Scheibenbremse; ERD: 540mm; Äussere Breite: 25,2mm;...
Alex Rims SUPRA DOME ráfek 20 36h
Alex Rims SUPRA DOME ráfek 20'' 36h
Patented "Dome" is super light & extra rigid; Prevents impact pinch flats; Recommend to use 32mm rim strip; Option: CSW; Pin joint; 36, 48...
33,95 €
od 29,90
Alex Rims MUS32 ráfek 20 36h černá
Alex Rims MUS32 ráfek 20'' 36h černá
Hohlkammer; 370 g ungeöst; AV; in V-Section;
13,95 €

Ráfky pro ráfkovou brzdu 26 palců

V Ráfky pro ráfkovou brzdu 26 palců -obchodě najdete za za bezkonkurečně nízké ceny v mezinárodní dopravě vesměs 8 různé Ráfky pro ráfkovou brzdu 26 palců od
  • Alexrims
  • DT Swiss
  • Mavic
  • Spank

O Ráfky pro ráfkovou brzdu 26 palců

Does anybody still use rims for 26 inch rim brakes these days? Yes, indeed!

Are rims for rim brakes still being sought? Rim brakes are increasingly replaced by disc brakes - that's true. And what about a 26 inch wheel size? Oh yes, they are still available! 26", nothwithstanding other statements, are not yet extinct! Many great bikes are still being ridden, even if their 26 inch wheel size has become, let's say, "old-fashioned". To fans of 26 inch bikes and those that wish to remain loyal to their wheel size, we offer a small, nice assortment of rims for rim brakes. Even for simple city bikes, we can offer 26" rims in our assortment, as well as for premium touring bikes with a traditional Magura brake. People who ride trial bikes and bikes with smaller 24" rim brake rims will also find what they are looking for. Last, but not least, we would like to point out: A rim for rim brakes can also be used with disc brakes, but not the other way round.
Alex Rims, DT Swiss or Mavic - explore our assortment of cheap rims for 26 inch or smaller for V-Brake bikes. You can't find the right one? Have a look at our selection here Wheels for rim brakes, if it is not just the rim but a whole wheel that you are looking for.

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