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Prodej testovacích kol

Test bikes sold at unbelievable prices!

Are you considering a purchase of a new bike and looking for saving serious money? Here's your chance!

Now, as the season has ended, you can buy all the well looked-after test bikes at low prices. We recommend: Hurry up! This offer is only valid as long as the bikes are stocked!

Test Bike Classes

As soon the new bike model line up is available, we sell the previous test bike line up. To make sure you know what you're buying we have classified the bikes in four condition categories.

Test bike category Test bike category
Test bike category
Test bike category
Very good condition:
Barely ridden, perfect technical condition, virtually no signs of use
Good condition:
Was rarely ridden, good technical condition, slight signs of wear
Was ridden often, good technical condition, shows signs of wear
Heavily used:
Was ridden often, few technical defects, clear signs of wear

Check the bikes:

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