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Wahoo KICKR kolo v2 Indoor trenér

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The ultimate indoor training package

With the KICKR Bike v2 you get unparalleled innovations, such as the integrated descent mode, individual gear ratio and a simulated gear shift - for the most effective, personalized and realistic training experience.

Thanks to KICKR's legendary flywheel technology, the KICKR bike guarantees unparalleled responsiveness and performance accuracy with a deviation of +/- 1%. Real-time gradient change equates to ascents of up to 20% and descents of -15% at the same speed, giving you the feel of a real outdoor workout. The robust construction of steel and aluminum withstands the toughest rides - but before that your legs give out.

The Wahoo Fitness app guides you through the easy setup of the five settings on the KICKR bike. Choose between the professional bike fit, photograph the dimensions of your bike or enter your height to calculate the exact geometry of your outdoor bike. You can customize the KICKR bike with your own handlebars, pedals and saddle.

The KICKR bike's virtual shifting technology is programmable to match the gear ratio, number of gears, number of cassette teeth and bike components from leading manufacturers such as SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo. The digital display shows the gear and the gradient, so you always know which gear you are in.

The KICKR bike is seamlessly compatible with all other Wahoo products and pairs with your ELEMNT GPS bike computer, smartphone, tablet or PC. Like all Wahoo smart trainers, the KICKR bike is compatible with the most popular training apps like The Sufferfest, Zwift, TrainerRoad, etc! The KICKR bike isn't just a smart bike, it's a training device that blurs the line between virtual and physical reality.

Realistic driving experience

The KICKR bike combines the legendary riding experience of the KICKR with forward-looking innovations such as the integrated incline simulation. This gives you a trainer that blurs the line between the virtual and real levels.

KICKR ride

The KICKR bike combines KICKR's legendary resistance and incline/decline simulation technologies to recreate the feel of a street ride -- including descent simulation, which lets you maintain speed on virtual descents.

reality shift

With programmable virtual shifting, the KICKR bike will continue to be compatible with the gear ratio and function of bike components from leading manufacturers such as SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo.

True Fit

With an intuitive setup app, Wahoo has made it easy to customize the fit of the KICKR BIKE to the precise geometry of your road bike. From saddle height to crank length, you can choose the fit that provides optimal comfort and performance.

Ready for the ride

Once set up, the KICKR bike is ready. It does not need to be calibrated, can be seamlessly integrated into the Wahoo product world and is compatible with ELEMNT GPS bike computers, smartphones, tablets or PCs - so that you can give everything immediately.


KICKR DESK The height-adjustable desk with built-in tablet and phone holder makes it easy to use all your devices.

KICKR Headwind

The intelligent fan can be controlled manually, connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth or connected to a speed sensor, heart rate monitor or smart trainer via ANT+ to provide the rider with up to 45 km/h of cool airflow.


  • Optimized Flywheel Technology: The KICKR bike consists of a 5.90 kg flywheel and an improved drivetrain that offers unmatched accuracy, responsiveness and realism for indoor training
  • Virtually silent operation: The balanced, belt-driven motor of the KICKR BIKE combines years of technical knowledge into a virtually silent riding experience
  • Controlled Resistance: When connected to your smartphone, tablet, or computer, resistance on the KICKR bike is automatically set using your favorite app or software
  • Realistic Ride Feeling: The KICKR bike's flywheel and enhanced drivetrain offer innovative technology that mimics the power and inertia of outdoor cycling. It delivers the most realistic driving experience, especially when using virtual driving/training platforms such as Zwift, The Sufferfest and Trainer Road
  • Real-Time Grade Change : The KICKR bike simulates real-time grade change by not only adjusting resistance, but physically raising and lowering the bike to mimic climbs up to 20% and descents down to -15%
  • +/-1% power accuracy: With proven power accuracy and an accurate measurement of power with an error of +/-1% with a resistance of up to 2,500 W
  • No Calibration Required: The KICKR bike delivers consistent performance accuracy without the need for calibration
  • EASY APP SETUP: Wahoo's easy-to-use and intuitive Wahoo Fitness app guides you on how to set up the KICKR bike and personalize the fit to duplicate your outdoor bike's geometry using 3 options: professional fit, my bike's dimensions and height measurement
  • 5 fit adjustment options: You can easily change the fit of the KICKR bike in 5 places with quick-release levers: stack, reach, offset, saddle height and frame height
  • ADJUSTABLE CRANKARM : The KICKR bike supports 165, 167.5, 170, 172.5 and 175mm crank lengths
  • Programmable gear shifting: Choose the exact gear configuration of your outdoor bike by choosing the number of gears and cassette teeth
  • Virtual braking: The combination of electromagnetic flywheel and drive allows rapid braking - for a precise shift feel on descents
  • Individual kit: Customize your KICKR bike with a saddle, handlebars and pedals
  • Connectivity: Connect your KICKR bike to all your devices, now also via KICKR Direct Connect and WiFi. KICKR Direct Connect connects your KICKR to your router via cable for a constant and stable virtual ride or race. Connect directly to your devices via Wi-Fi for a fast and stable connection and automatic updates
  • KICKR Ride Experience: The KICKR bike combines legendary KICKR resistance and incline simulation to replicate the outdoor experience. A broken interval? The ERG Ramp function slowly brings you back to your target power within 10 seconds so that you can continue your training
  • Perfect adjustment: With the intuitive app, Wahoo has made it easy to precisely adjust the KICKR bike to the geometry of your bike. Adjust your measurements via the quick releases and even mount your own favorite components for optimal comfort and maximum performance
  • Realistic shifting: Virtual shifting and configurable gear ratios allow you to adapt the shifting to your road bike, including the number of gears and sprocket grading. Simulate the groupsets of the major manufacturers for an individual driving experience
  • Manual Control of Incline/Decline Changes: The KICKR bike controller has a lock/unlock button that allows you to turn an app's physical incline on and off, while allowing the app to control resistance
  • Digital LED Display: The LED display shows the gear selected and the gradient percentage, so you can see the data at a glance while riding
  • Robust professional quality: The stable aluminum and steel construction ensures that you can enjoy your KICKR bike for a long time
  • Measures speed, distance, power and cadence: Get all the important bike data for your indoor ride with the KICKR bike without connecting additional sensors
  • Compatible with KICKR Headwind: KICKR HEADWIND enables innovative climate control during your indoor training. Connect it to the KICKR bike. As your speed or heart rate increases, so does the fan speed
  • Compatible with the ELEMNT bike computer: Connect the KICKR bike to an ELEMNT bike computer - for the ultimate riding experience or workout
  • Compatible with 3rd party apps: Works in conjunction with popular training apps such as Zwift, The Sufferfest and TrainerRoad. For more information on which apps are compatible with the KICKR bike, download Wahho's detailed KICKR app comparison chart


specification description
drive belt drive
Resistance Electromagnetic Enhanced Motor
flywheel (weight) 5.9kg
Maximum Simulation / Minimum Tilt +20% / -15%
crank arm lengths 165 / 167.5 / 170 / 172.5 / 175mm, adjustable
measurement accuracy +/-1%
Maximum output power 2500W
power connection 100-240V, ~2.5A max, 50-60Hz
data transmission
connectivity ANT+, FE-C, Bluetooth, WiFi, cable (KICKR Direct Connect)
Over-the-Air Software Updates Yes (via the Wahoo Fitness app or WiFi)
Supported Devices iOS, Android, PC (Mac and Windows)
Recommended height 152 - 193cm
Maximum user weight 113.39 kg
weight approx. 42.0 kg

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Wahoo KICKR bike v2 indoor trainer (see item description for details)
  • 1 * Direct Connect Cable

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