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Elite Rizer Steigungssimulator

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Take your cycling to a higher level with the new Rizer

The latest innovation from Elite's indoor ecosystem is able to move your bike up and down by simulating real-time climbs and descents as you pedal down cycling's toughest peaks. For an even more effective and intense workout, the Rizer integrates an innovative steering system that improves the pedaling feel on the handlebars when riding indoors and allows you to train every muscle as if you were tackling a real climb.

Increased efficiency through patented design

Uphill and downhill, like cycling around outdoors

With an incredibly robust design, the Rizer allows you to climb up to +20% incline and descend down to -10% drop. With Eite's incline simulator you can really feel the full intensity of the toughest climbs and prepare yourself to tackle the summit with the same enthusiasm and determination as your finest climbs. But there is more.

Integrated steering to train every muscle

In addition to changing the incline of the bike, the Rizer integrates a steering system that gives you the same fluidity and freedom of movement that you would have when riding uphill in reality. In addition to more comfort on the handlebars, thanks to a patented system, you can train the same muscle groups that you use on the road to become a high-level mountaineer. By training on the Rizer, you can also test new positions and prepare yourself successfully for the summits that you want to conquer on your next bike tours.

Maximum stability when driving uphill

Design and electronics come together in the RIZER, following the Elite tradition with the aim of offering a perfect combination of high performance and aesthetic taste. In fact, the Rizer has the most stable structure on the market to ensure maximum stability on the most energetic climbs. The maximum load is 120 kg. With an integrated handle for easy transport and adjustable feet, the Rizer is assembled out of the box and consists of an aluminum structure bonded to an aluminum alloy and steel support surface. Ideal to ensure maximum resistance on the most demanding climbs and in the strongest off-saddle, with a sober and essential design.

Compatible with all bikes and software with incline

The Rizer communicates directly with your interactive roller to simulate the ascents and descents of the route you've selected, so it works with any software that sends incline commands. The Rizer is compatible with all the latest generation wheels that allow the bike frame to rotate. For the Elite range, the compatible models are Direto XR (-T), Suito (-T) and Tuo.

The Rizer is compatible with all bikes on the market, including bikes equipped with disc brakes and a 12mm thru axle. Also included is the adapter for 15 mm thru axle.

Up, down, right and left on Zwift

Connecting wirelessly to Zwift, you can ride RIZER on many courses with steering capability to put your avatar on screen and overtake other cyclists in the race. The future of indoor cycling lies in a truly complete training station.

Dedicated control app

To make configuring the Rizer easier, Elite has developed a dedicated app. Use of this app is not required for the Rizer to operate, but gives access to a number of configurations that can simplify use and give you a simple and instant indoor riding experience.

The app is called Rizer and is available for iOS and Android devices on the App Store and Google Play.

With the control app you can manually change the incline and elevation gain during training, view the level of difficulty set in the software, define a limit for incline or elevation gain and manage up to 5 different profiles for each user in the house to profile, Store roll and used bike.


  • Simulates 20% uphill and -10% downhill
  • Suitable for routes with an active steering function to change direction
  • Open data transmission for maximum compatibility
  • Mechanically compatible with all standard bicycles
  • Patented design for maximum realism


specification description
material Metal, plastic
data transmission ANT+ FE-C, Bluetooth
Compatible software BKool, Ful Gaz, Komoot, My Training, RGT-Cycling, Rouvy, The Sufferfest, Zwift
service Manually or via Elite app
Maximum incline 20%
Maximum slope -10%
Compatible training devices Elite Direto XR-T, Direto XR, Suito-T, Suito, Tuo
axis dimension QR, 12 and 15mm thru axle
Dimensions (L x W x H) 38.7 x 34.5 x 72.8 cm
Maximum load 120kg

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Elite Rizer incline simulator (see item description for details)
  • incl. adapter for thru axles

product video

Elite Rizer - Product Presentation & Test

HIBIKE blog You can find our test of the Elite Rizer in the HIBIKE blog>
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