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Wahoo KICKR Desk Stehtisch

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Wahoo KICKR Desk Stehtisch 88360003 266,61€
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The ideal multitasking desk from Wahoo

Use it with the KICKR as a roller trainer desk or as a standing desk in the office. It can be fully customized and optimized.

With the bicycle desk, your devices remain within reach

The desk has integrated tablet and smartphone stands as well as openings for cabling the devices. A sturdy steel frame and a non-slip surface ensure that everything stays in place - no matter how much you sweat.


  • Fully customizable: you can switch between standing and sitting positions at the touch of a button
  • Rollers for easy movement: Remove the desk from the welding zone. The desk can be rolled through most door openings
  • Durable steel frame: Integrated cable openings to organize the cables. The cable openings integrated in the tablet / smartphone stand organize and hide the cables
  • Non-slip desk work surface: The rubber mat keeps everything in its place, no matter how much you sweat or how hard you work. A high degree of stability and robustness thanks to the shaped tubular steel frame and the powder coating
  • Integrated tablet and smartphone stand: set it up and attach the tablet or smartphone to the desk. So you can see the cycling app on the KICKR or the screen while working
  • Adjustable height from 84 to 122cm
  • Dimensions (L x W): 71 x 76cm (base) / 71 x 36cm (work surface)


scope of delivery

  • 1 x Wahoo KICKR Desk high table (see item description for details)
  • 1 x Removable and non-slip table mat
  • 1 x adjustable legs
  • 1 x lower frame with castors
  • 1 x assembly instruction
  • 2 x Allen keys
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