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Elite Folding tréninksmatte

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Foldable floor mat for your roller training

The new foldable and non-slip mat FOLDING MAT is one of the most interesting additions this year to strengthen your Elite Pain Cave with new accessories and to give your indoor cycling training an extra edge.

With this new mat in black color with white logo, which is very light and foldable, Elite wants to improve the comfort of your bike setup at home while protecting the surfaces you train on every day with an addition that is easy to use , can be transported and put away, with the smallest footprint in every corner of the house.

Lighter and softer alternative

Compact and foldable

With FOLDING MAT, Elite have offered a real alternative to the training mat used by the greatest champions of cycling, by introducing a lighter and softer way to allow the mat to be conveniently folded at the end of the training and put away anywhere, with very little space is needed.

Additional protection for your surfaces

Thanks to the non-slip back, FOLDING MAT guarantees ideal adhesion to the floor of the trainer connected to the bike, so that you can give yourself to the sprints with maximum stability of your pain cave.

FOLDING MAT not only ensures maximum stability, but can also absorb shocks and vibrations. It is also essential to protect surfaces on which you are training from sweat droplets that testify to your performance spurt and from movement of the bike and riser block on the ground.


  • Foldable and light
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Protects the floor from sweat and other pollution

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Elite Folsing training mat (see item description for details)
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