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Ortlieb Up-Town City kolokorb

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petrol 86361250 86,43€
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pistachio 86361358 70,06€
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The Up-Town City bicycle basket is made for shopping

At first glance, you might like the lovable retro charm of the Up-Town City. But don't let that blind you. This bicycle basket has it all under the lid: 17.5 L volume, encased in light, PU-coated nylon fabric. The Up-Town City is a basket-shaped handlebar bag. And at the same time a waterproof bicycle basket made of hard-wearing material that has already been tested a thousand times for bicycle bags. In short: your new best bike buddy. Perfect for a quick trip to the bakery, the post office or the weekly market. To get to your keys or wallet, you don't even have to open the clamping lid completely, you can easily fold it up on the front. There is a separate inner compartment with zipper for your valuables - so you can find them quickly at any time.
Because it is attached to the handlebar, you always have the basket in view while driving. Another advantage of this fastening position is that the Up-Town City always offers protection from wind and rain.
Thanks to the internal stiffening, the basket stands independently and is particularly easy to fill with purchases. The lid can be opened completely at any time, e.g. B. in good weather - and stow it in the basket. If it starts to rain, it can be closed again in seconds.

Note: Four different handlebar brackets are available as optional accessories for all handlebar bag models (not included). These can either be locked on the handlebar block or optionally suitable for e-bikes.


  • Waterproof bicycle handlebar basket with lid closure made of PU-coated fabric
  • Central fixation of the lid allows quick access to the contents
  • Stable aluminum frame
  • Comfortable, adjustable handle
  • Inside pocket with zip
  • Basket stands independently thanks to internal stiffening
  • Stable storage feet
  • reflector
  • Maximum load 5kg


specification description
Area of application Everyday life, leisure
Type Shopping basket, bicycle basket, handlebar basket
material PS33
volume 17.5 liters
Dimensions (W x H x D) 33/38 x 28 x 22 cm
Attachment Handlebar mounting (optionally available), recommended mounting Ortlieb E185, E207, E225, E226
Extras Storage feet, handle
Maximum payload 5 kg
weight approx. 790 g

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Ortlieb Up-Town City handlebar basket (see item description for details)
Ortlieb Up-Town City kolokorb black
Ortlieb Up-Town City kolokorb petrol
Ortlieb Up-Town City kolokorb pistachio
Ortlieb Up-Town City kolokorb lemon sorbet
Ortlieb Up-Town City kolokorb rooibos
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