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HIBIKE "Racing Team" Specialized Purist láhev 0.65l cerná/modrá/žlutá

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HIBIKE "Racing Team" Specialized Purist láhev 0.65l cerná/modrá/žlutá 81770013 9,18€
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Specialized WaterGate bottle with MoFlo closure

The Purist WaterGate drinking bottle is now finally available in the HIBIKE design. And then in three different versions:

  • In our HIBIKE Racing Team colors
  • Based on our anniversary one of our oldest logos, the HIBIKE Skull
  • Retro Mag 21 Logo - based on the Rock Shox AG 21 suspension fork, with which we started everything, the MAG 21 Edition

High water flow through MoFlo mouthpiece

The Purist WaterGate is characterized by the high water flow of the MoFlo closure and its perfect tightness. An internal membrane keeps the valve open without losing any liquid. This eliminates the annoying opening of the valve while driving.

Taste-neutral bicycle bottle

The proven Purist technology ensures a completely pure and unadulterated taste experience. The secret for this is a glass-like layer of silicon dioxide, which has penetrated into the inner wall. As a result, discoloration or odors hardly have a chance. This Specialized bicycle bottle is therefore very hygienic and tasteless. The durability and resistance is enormously high, only scouring cleaning agents should be avoided for cleaning. Tip: Warm water plus dish soap, shake, wash, done. Its flexibility optimally adapts to the bottle holder and keeps it reliable in case of shocks.

Features of the bicycle bottle

  • Flexible, glass-like purist interior coating
  • Easy-to-use valve that stays open for fast drinking
  • Absolutely tight screw cap
  • Heart Valve ™ valve means ideal water flow. No leaking in the open state, fast, effortless drinking
  • Rubberized screw cap allows easy screwing and unscrewing
  • Made of flexible LDPE plastic
  • 100% free of plasticizer BPA
  • Capacity 650 ml (22Oz)
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