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Fidlock Push podsedlové brašnydržák

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Fidlock Push podsedlové brašnydržák 88520039 10,03€
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Magnet-mechanical saddlebag holder for bicycle saddles

A bag for all bikes! Fidlock brings simplicity to the bike. The separately available PUSH Saddle Base can be mounted on several bikes so that the PUSH always has the right bag on the right bike.



  • The rail standard guarantees compatibility for every saddle
  • Easy attachment to the seat stays with just one screw
  • Compatible with all PUSH saddle bags

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

The PUSH principle

PUSH combines innovative design with a unique lightness in style and handling. A “PUSH” on the saddle base releases the bag from the saddle and a simple “SNAP” reattaches it to the base. The magnet-mechanical combination enables the bag and base to be securely and reliably locked in place - without any straps or Velcro.

Strong magnets attract different products automatically, center them and let them snap into the base. The mechanical latch holds the module securely on the frame. This ensures comfortable handling and a firm hold - even under heavy loads.

With a simple "PUSH" the PUSH modules are released from the bracket. The bag is quickly in the hand and the contents are within easy reach without the hassle of loosening.

Just the right thing for every saddle

PUSH saddle bags are available in two different sizes. With the small saddle bag 400, you always have exactly what you need for the ride. Mini tool, energy bar, ID card, bank note and smartphone are safely stored away. As an all-rounder in the PUSH portfolio, the saddle bag 600 is perfect for longer trips, but also for everyday essentials. The simple assembly of the saddle base to the seat stays with just one screw is done in no time. The rail standard guarantees compatibility for every saddle.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Fidlock Push saddlebag holder (see item description for details)
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