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Riesel design HIBIKE rit:ze sedlo-blatník blatník

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Riesel design HIBIKE rit:ze sedlo-blatník blatník 88210026 4,73€
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HIBIKE rie: sel design Fender Mudguard

The HIBIKE special edition of the "rit: ze" keeps you free in all weathers. With a simple handle, it is attached to the saddle in seconds without tools and visually more appealing than a firmly mounted fender. Similarly, the fender can be disassembled just as quickly when it is no longer needed - the perfect companion for all emergencies.

Especially in the wet season, the HIBIKE-rit: ze is your ideal companion. Who does not know it? The wheels are wet on a wet surface and buttocks and back and wet and cool. With this little helper this is history now, water and mud have nothing left to do on your back.

The Fender is made of high-quality plastic, which makes it extremely flexible and extremely lightweight.

Whether on the road or in the forest - the rie: sel design rit: ze is a small part with great effect!


Features of the HIBIKE crack:

  • Areas of application: Road & MTB
  • Fits (almost) all common saddles
  • 17g light
  • Dimensions: 34.5 cm * 10 cm
  • made of high quality plastic
  • extremely flexible
  • scratch-resistant and stable pressure
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