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Riesel design drhrana:spatz blatník

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fairy girl 88210147 7,90€
Číslo výrobku výrobce FE-DS002
pirate boy 88210063 7,90€
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power girl 88210257 7,90€
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The "dreckspatz" from riesel design is our first mudguard designed specifically for children's bicycles.

There are additional punchings in the side wings to secure the guards to small rigid forks and suspension forks. This makes it possible to equip childrens bicycles from 20" with the" dreckspatz ". "dreckspatz" offers the same function like our "schlammPE". The easy attaching to the fork is done by cable ties. The "dreckspatz" is designed as a splash guard to keep the face free of dirt, mud and water under adverse conditions. The product includes black cable ties.


  • Optimal shape – designed and optimized for rigid and suspension forks from 20"
  • Material: thick for maximum stiffness and durability, made of recyclable Polypropylen (PP)
  • Durability – the graphics are embedded in the material and thus permanently protected from adverse influences. The riesel design "dreckspatz" is thus extremely scratch resistant.
  • Weight – with 23g the fender is a real lightweight and recommended for all forms of bicycle use.
  • Usage – the riesel design "dreckspatz" is developed as a splash guard in the front. In a variety of bike models there is the possibility to use as a damper protection.
  • made for – children bicycles up to Mountainbike (XC, marathon, tour, trail)
  • Wheelsize – 20", 24", 26", 27,5", 29"

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Riesel design dreck:spatz front wheel mudguard 16''- 24'' (see item description for details)
Riesel design drhrana:spatz blatník fairy girl
Riesel design drhrana:spatz blatník pirate boy
Riesel design drhrana:spatz blatník power girl
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