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Zipp 454 NSW karbon Disc přední kolo Tubular standardní graphic

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Zipp 454 NSW karbon Disc přední kolo Tubular standardní graphic 45680207 1.188,95€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 00.1918.677.000
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The balance bike for performance-oriented riders

Zipp's top road pros demanded that they offer the revolutionary Zipp 454 NSW as a tubular, so Zipp made it just for them first ... and then for you!

The 454 NSW Tubular for disc brakes combines the advanced aerodynamics and stability of its sawtooth rim profile, derived from bionics, with the advantages of disc brakes.

454 NSW tubular for disc brakes

This wheel set was developed for both professional racing drivers and cyclists who prefer the tried and tested driving characteristics of tubular tires with the latest aero technology. Using the principles of the emerging science of bionics, Zipp engineers examined the environment to find out how nature achieves speed, control, and efficiency. The quick and graceful movements of a humpback whale are aided by tubercles on the pectoral fins. These structures inspired the development engineers at Zipp to systematically apply bionics for the first time to solve the complex challenge of constructing a wheel with the undulating Hyperfoil nodes, which reduce both air resistance and susceptibility to crosswinds.

The Cognition DB V2 hub set of the 454 NSW has been redesigned with the Axial Clutch V2 for faster engagement and lower friction, because every time a conventional freewheel hub rolls along, the pawls act like a drum brake and slow the driver down. The friction of the pawls on the hub shell is felt as a loss, especially in the area of racing bike wheels. The solution?

The Cognition rear hub with AxialClutch V2 technology reduces this resistance by decoupling the engagement mechanism in rolling phases. The wave spring of the AxialClutch V2 activates the engagement mechanism quickly and evenly as soon as the driver starts pedaling. The hub set is also light and durable.


  • Zipp logos are a cosmetic identity that embody speed and are applied using Zipp's ImPress direct printing technology
  • The Cognition hub set DB V2 is extremely efficient, regardless of whether you are pedaling or rolling in idle. The Axial ClutchV2 technology reduces drag and friction
  • Sawtooth rim with Hyperfoil nodes and HexFin ABLC dimple pattern for highest aeroperformance and cross wind stability with a wave-shaped rim height of 53/58 mm
  • Centerlock brake disc mount


specification 00.1918.677.000
Area of application Road, triathlon
Type Front wheel
Suitable for Tubular
Tubeless ready no
Impeller size 28 ''
Axis / installation dimension 12 x 100 mm
Brake type Disc brakes
Brake disc mount Centerlock
Material rim Carbon
Rim type / rim profile Symmetrical
Rim height 53/58 mm
Outside rim width 27 mm
Recommended tire pressure Max. 8.6 bar / 125 psi
Spoke type Sapim CX-Ray
Number of holes / number of spokes 24
Spoke length 254 mm / 252 mm (DS / NDS)
Lacing 2 cross
Spoke nipples Sapim Secure-Loc
Compatible with thru axle / quick release Thru axle
hub Cognition 2
Hub body material aluminum
Hub type 54 snap-in points
Material warehouse Stainless steel, sealed
Extras 12 mm end cap, centerlock locking ring
Maximum system weight 114 kg
weight approx. 683 g

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

ImPress ™
Zipp uses Zipp's ImPress ™ graphics technology, which prints graphics directly onto the wheel. In this way, the wells can do exactly what they are intended for - control of vortex shedding, i.e. the rate at which air turbulences are detached from the impeller. This is very important for stability.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Zipp 454 NSW Carbon Disc 28 '' front wheel (see item description for details)
  • 1 x lock ring
  • 1 x end cap
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