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Specialized S-Works Power Mirror sedlo

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143mm black 32772709 396,55€
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155mm black 32772710 396,55€
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Your perfect reflection

Specialized redefines comfort and performance with Mirror technology. The last major material innovation in saddle design took place decades ago with the introduction and processing of foam as a cushioning base. In order to herald the next era of saddle design, they had to look outside the box and say goodbye to the idea of using foam as a basis to develop the technology of the next generation of saddles. The S-Works Power saddle - the saddle of the future.

The mirror technology, which is created from liquid polymer via 3D printing, helps Specialized to perfectly reflect your anatomy. This process creates a complex honeycomb structure that enables them to continuously shape the density of the material in a way that would not be possible with foam. The result is a patent-pending technology that forms a matrix of 16,000 struts and 7,799 nodes. This matrix can be individually tailored to your needs and anatomy.

The mirror technology in combination with its extremely light S-Works Power saddle, its flexibly coordinated FACT carbon shell and the ultra-light fastening rails result in the saddle of the future that will help you to achieve the highest performance. This saddle has all the well-known and appreciated Body Geometry design features, so that you can rely on superior and all-day comfort of your unique seating position.


  • Specialized patented Body Geometry Design has been tested in the laboratory and ensures that the sensitive arteries are always supplied with sufficient blood flow
  • Mirror technology uses a 3D printing process made of liquid polymer to create a unique honeycomb structure that offers excellent sit bone support and superior comfort
  • The FACT carbon shell is designed for the best possible support and optimal driving behavior
  • Ultralight and at the same time stable FACT carbon rails
  • The SWAT ™ -compatible brackets, which are integrated into the saddle base, enable the attachment of elegant and sleek storage solutions
  • Weight: approx. 190g (143mm) / approx. 194g (155mm)
  • Note: The 7x9 mm carbon struts are not compatible with seat posts that are equipped with side clamping mechanisms for 7 mm round rails

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

Outstanding sit bone support

The S-Works Power Mirror is more comfortable than any other saddle that Specialized ever tried. This technology ensures that the sensitive arteries are always supplied with sufficient blood flow and reduces the pressure on the soft tissue so that you can comfortably spend the whole day in the saddle.

Reduced pressure - increased performance

In order to remain light and still stable, foam saddles are usually thin and of high density, which can lead to pressure points at the seat bone contact points. The Mirror technology enables Specialized to create a light, stable platform that distributes pressure on the sit bones over a much larger area and increases comfort by reducing pressure.

Body geometry

Your legs may burn, your heart race, but where you and your bike become one - on the handlebars, on the saddle or on the pedals - there should never be any pain. After more than two decades of research, development and experience, Specialized Body Geometry concept takes your unique body shape into account with personalized products to improve performance, increase comfort and reduce the risk of injury.


The match and fitting technologies from Retül provide you with important key figures for your body shape so that you can quickly choose the perfect equipment for your trips and at the same time save your personal fit information for future equipment decisions safely and conveniently. But that's not all. Retül's data, the world's largest cyclist fit database, helped develop the S-Works Power Mirror, and it has an impact on each of our Body Geometry products.

Shaping the future

Specialized works hand in hand with the world's best riders on body geometry product innovations to help you stand out on the toughest stages in cycling. The S-Works Power Mirror is the direct result of countless hours of input, feedback and tests from the athletes in the laboratory and on the street.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Specialized S-Works Power Mirror saddle (see item description for details)
Specialized S-Works Power Mirror sedlo 143mm black
Specialized S-Works Power Mirror sedlo 155mm black
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