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Selle Italia S 5 Lady Superflow sedlo dámské

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L3 32810137 37,72€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 094L801MEC002
S3 32810138 45,65€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 094L701MEC002
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The S 5 women's saddle

A versatile line full of innovative solutions to satisfy those who want to live life. 360 degrees of passion. The large selection of models enables every cyclist to find the right saddle. Both the design and the materials for comfort and durability are the focus of these products.

A range of products developed exclusively for comfortable cycling. In combination with selected, high-quality materials, every commuter or daily driver feels right at home. Welcome to the world of cycling.

Optimal comfort with combined materials

The S5 Lady Superflow is the short saddle that maximizes pedal comfort in every situation. Its "wavy" shape allows you to immediately find the ideal seating position and thus maximize performance. The gel introduced into the padding, together with the central flow hole, helps relieve pressure on the perineum in order to maximize the feeling of comfort. The Hi-Viz inserts on the back ensure visibility and safety even at night.


  • New style
  • State of the art materials
  • New lines and graphic details
  • HI-VIZ. Reflective surface to increase visibility
  • Immediate comfort
  • Resistant materials


specification S3 L3
Application area Road / commuting Road / commuting
Upper material Soft-Tek Soft-Tek
Saddle rails FeC Alloy, 7x7 mm round FeC Alloy, 7x7 mm round
Dimensions 145 x 255 mm 160 x 255 mm
Weight approx. 318 g approx. 325 g


In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

The S1 and L1 models do not have a central recess and are suitable for cyclists with low pelvic rotation, for whom it is not absolutely necessary to reduce the pressure and friction exerted on the saddle.

The S2 or L2 saddles have a smaller central recess and are suitable for cyclists with medium pelvic rotation who build up pressure and friction while pedaling: elements that together also lead to a rise in temperature at the point of contact and can cause physical problems and discomfort.

The third size - S3 or L3 - concerns saddles with a large central recess and is intended for cyclists with a large pelvic rotation who build up high pressure and friction on the saddle surface.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Selle Italia S 5 Superflow saddle women (see item description for details)
Selle Italia S 5 Lady Superflow sedlo dámské L3
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