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Ergon SM E-Mountain Core Prime sedlo pánské

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Maximum comfort uphill

The functional principle significantly increases seating comfort and relieves the strain on the lower back. The ramp at the rear ensures a stable seating position during long uphill sections. In addition, the saddle improves the riding technique: for optimal traction, the weight of the body must be introduced evenly into the chassis via the saddle.

The 3D mobility of the ergonomic core significantly improves the application of force. In order to effectively prevent numbness and sitting problems, the new SM E-Mountain Core Prime saddles are available as anatomically adapted versions for both genders.


  • Supporting ramp: steeply rising rear with the best support to the rear - for a more stable and energy-saving seating position when driving uphill
  • Anatomically adapted relief: relief channel for effective prevention of complaints and numbness in the perineum and genital area. Specially adapted for men and women
  • Wide front: In particularly steep sections, the seating position moves towards the saddle nose. The E-MTB saddle is wide and comfortable
  • Soft-Comfort-Padding: Maximum seating comfort thanks to higher padding - even on long distances
  • Seat foam: Pleasantly soft, orthopedic comfort foam, covered with a robust microfiber surface
  • Seat shell: The flexible upper shell connects the ergonomic core with the seat cushion and promotes the flexibility of the SM E-Mountain Core Prime
  • Ergonomic core: the heart of the relief system. The core supports natural pelvic movement and reliably dampens bumps
  • Carrier shell: The lower, rigid saddle shell supports the construction and guides vibrations of the surface for absorption into the ergonomic core
  • Conventional saddle structure: The saddle shell must be stiff in order to be able to bear the load of the driver - a very limiting factor in seating comfort
  • Saddle frame : The frame forms the connection to the bike and allows a wide adjustment range


specification description
Field of application MTB, eMTB, fitness
core BASF Infinergy® (E-TPU / closed-cell particle foam)
Upper Microfiber
upholstery Orthopedic Comfort Foam
Seat shell Nylon composite
frame CroMo
Seat bone distance S / M: 9-12cm / M / L: 12-16cm
dimension S / M: 27.8 x 14.7cm / M / L: 27.8 x 16.0cm

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses for this product.

Ergon Core - The saddle revolution with an ergonomic core
The core consists of Infinergy®, a modern E-TPU with outstanding technical properties, which is manufactured by BASF for Ergon in Germany. The Ergon Core is a composite of many individual particles.

The advantages: direct damping response, maximum resilience and durability with minimal weight. Seating comfort when cycling completely redefined: optimal pressure distribution on the seat bones, maximum pressure relief in the genital area, efficient pedaling ergonomics and medical back protection.

Ergon Men Series
It depends on the correct pressure distribution. In the case of men's saddles, pressure must be transferred to the sit bones and parts of the pubic arch and the perineal area must remain as free of pressure as possible. This is exactly how the relief surface of the new Ergon men's saddles works.

Relief of the genital area, medical back protection, and floating movement support
The driver's upper body load is alternately shifted to the left and right seat bones by the natural pedaling movement. The side on which the pedal stands at the top, i.e. the leg is bent, is always loaded. Due to the floating bearing and the special material properties, the saddle always dodges on the side of the currently loaded seat bone - on the side of the bent leg due to the ergonomic core. This noticeably reduces the sit bone pressure on the loaded side.

In practice, the double-shell construction with an ergonomic core leads to a completely new, previously unknown driving experience. In addition, the anatomically coordinated seat cushion with a large relief channel reliably prevents numbness: Maximum driving comfort for men and women.

Seat bone relief, movement support and high-performance damper in one
The TwinShell saddle structure supports the pedaling movement in an unprecedented way. The ergonomic core supports all pelvic movements and actively relieves the strain on the seat bone while pedaling. Due to its special material properties, the core serves as an extremely sensitive, durable and 3D-movable damper element.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Ergon SM E-Mountain Core Prime saddle men (see item description for details)
Ergon SM E-Mountain Core Prime sedlo pánské velikost S/M stealth
Ergon SM E-Mountain Core Prime sedlo pánské velikost M/L stealth
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