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Brooks B17 Short sedlo dámské

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The bestseller

For women and smaller riders, Brooks' best-selling B17 model is also available with a shorter nose, the B17 Short, which is perfect for use in rush hour traffic, on gravel, on the racing bike, and for touring and trekking. Thanks to its flexible, hammock-like construction that moves with every pedal turn, the B17 Short is an extremely comfortable saddle that was developed for a 60 ° inclined sitting position. Handcrafted in England from 100% vegetable tanned leather that will adapt and shape individually to each driver. The B17 Short is beautiful and durable and is made with high quality steel rivets and a steel frame.


Area of application Bikepacking, city, gravel, racing bike
Upper material Hard-wearing, vegetable-tanned 5mm leather
Material frame stole
Saddle height 58mm
Dimensions (length x width) 242 x 176mm
weight approx. 460g


  • Vegetable-colored leather saddlecloth
  • Steel rails, powder-coated
  • Steel tubular rivets
  • Made in England
  • Care instructions: A new saddle should be treated with Brooks Proofide care grease to support the "break-in phase". Proofide is carefully made from special ingredients and helps to keep the leather supple and to maintain, preserve and make your saddle weatherproof. Brooks Proofide is the only substance that should be used to care for your saddle.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Brooks B17 short saddle women (see item description for details)
Brooks B17 Short sedlo dámské brown
Brooks B17 Short sedlo dámské honey
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