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SRAM PC GX Eagle retez 12rychlost/í 126-clánku silver

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SRAM PC GX Eagle retez 12rychlost/í 126-clánku silver 54209198 22,47€
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SRAM GX Eagle Bike Chain Powerchain

Eagle ™ stands for freedom. The freedom to set new goals and to achieve them. Your way out of limitations and complexity. Beyond what was done before. The translation bandwidth combines dedication and technology, combining precision and the highest reliability. Simplicity and power go hand in hand here. A completely new system to discover new horizons. That's Eagle ™. Because there is still much to discover.


  • Closure link: PowerLock®
  • Outer strap: silver
  • Inner flap: black
  • Pin treatment: chrome
  • Rivet type: solid pin
  • Recommended group GX Eagle ™
  • Gears: 12
  • Weight: 258g (manufacturer)



SRAM chain engineers have developed PowerLock® as a tool-free, safe and consistent way to connect our chains. Although PowerLock® does not require any special assembly tools, each PowerLock® must be used only once, given the tight tolerances of a 10, 11 and 12-speed drive.

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The ultraglatten inner links of the chain are completely free of edges. This reduces the friction on the cassette and chainring. The result: low-noise performance and longer component life. The chain design allows for a narrower profile. The chain is so warmer. The riveting is smoother and the tensile strength is higher thanks to the smoother outer straps.


  • SRAM GX Eagle Chain Bike Chain Powerchain 12-speed 126-links incl. Powerlock
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