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SRAM XG-1275 Eagle kazeta 12rychlost/í

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10-50 zuby black 54209195 133,79€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 00.2418.078.000
10-52 zuby black 54200087 145,30€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 00.2418.109.000
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SRAM GM Eagle XG-1275 12-speed cassette MTB sprocket set 10-50_ teeth black

With the XG-1275 Eagle ™ cassette with 10 to 50 teeth you will always find the right gear. Fast in the plane. Control on the slopes. Give your own tact. Only the 1x drive with Eagle ™ technology is designed for unlimited freedom. FULL PIN ™ technology utilizes light-weight, punched steel sprockets. These are held together by high-strength stainless steel pins. The result is a lightweight and robust cassette. The open design resembles the SRAM X-DOME ™ cartridge to better remove dirt and provide smoother shifting performance and longer component life.



  • Application: Trail, Enduro
  • Switching stages: 12-fold
  • Grading: 10-50Z
  • X-Glide 2
  • Freewheel compatibility: 12-speed SRAM XD
  • Gear Pinion 1 - 11: Steel
  • Material pinion 12: aluminum
  • Series: SRAM GX Eagle
  • Recommended Chain: SRAM GX Eagle
  • optimized switching stages over the entire range
  • open design insensitive to dirt
  • compatible with all SRAM Eagle 12-speed drives
  • Gradation: 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-42-50 teeth
  • Weight: 450g


  • 1x SRAM GX Eagle XG-1275 12-speed cassette MTB sprocket set 10-50_ teeth black

All day

Day in, day out, this is the Eagle ecosystem at its best. GX Eagle combines the full-featured capability of Eagle technologies, in a group that realizes the potential within every build.

This is where you’ll find the best aluminum MTB crankset SRAM make. GX Eagle has its own version of their new, 520-percent range, 10-52t cassette, for more top end speed or a more comfortable climb - should you choose to run it. If not, GX Eagle is backwards compatible, making replacement parts at the ready. Like other Eagle groups, it gets its own group master colorway as part of SRAM`s new Eagle Colorsystem, allowing for full group or fully curated builds. It’s the simplest, most trouble-free drivetrain system ever made, offering the freedom to mix and match with any component within the expanded Eagle ecosystem.

Full Pin

The new 10-52 Eagle cassette for riders who prioritize all day function over anything else. With an expanded, 520-percent gear range giving riders more ability to spin and recover on the burliest climbs. Featuring FULL PIN™ technology that uses lightweight, precision engineered steel cogs permanently connected with high-strength stainless steel pins. An open design similar to our X-DOME™ cassette that aids in mud clearance, giving riders crisp shifting performance and longer component life.


  • 520-percent gear range utilizing the industry standard XD™ hub driver
  • Light and strong FULL PIN™ technology similar to X-DOME™ bringing true 1x gear range to more riders and builds
  • Lunar and black colorway makes the XG-1275 cassette right at home on any build


Suitable forMTB
CompatibilitySRAM Eagle (10-50. 10-52)
Cog size10,12,14,16,18,21,24,28,32,36,42,52
Compatibility freehubSRAM XD


Eagle technology represents our newest 1x drivetrain technology. Eagle is a lighter, simpler, more durable, and easier to use drivetrain. Eagle features all-new 1x components, engineered for even greater durability and performance while maintaining a significant weight advantage over other drivetrain solutions. Eagle technology also provides an expanded gear range of 500%, which is equal to 2x11 drivetrains.

XD™ Driver Body
XD is a cassette driver body design that allows the use of a 10-tooth small cog and provides an improved interface with the cassette.

FULL PIN technology uses eleven lightweight, stamped cogs held together with 123 high-strength stainless steel pins. The result: a cassette that’s light, durable and equipped with SRAM’s super wide 10-42 gear range that’s a perfect fit for any ride. The open design similar to our X-DOME cassette aids in mud clearance, giving you cleaner shifting performance and longer component life.

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x SRAM XG-1275 Eagle cassette (see item description for details)

Product video

SRAM XG-1275 Eagle kazeta 12rychlost/í 10-50 zuby black
SRAM XG-1275 Eagle kazeta 12rychlost/í 10-52 zuby black
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