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SRAM XG-1190 kazeta 11rychlost/í

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11-25 zuby silver 54209072 223,60€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 00.2418.067.000
11-26 zuby silver 54209073 214,75€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 00.2418.067.001
11-28 zuby silver 54209074 223,60€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 00.2418.067.002
11-30 zuby silver 54209154 240,19€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 00.2418.067.003
11-32 zuby silver 54209155 227,66€
Číslo výrobku výrobce 00.2418.067.004
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SRAM Red22 XG-1190 11-speed cassette

The PowerdomeX ™ is still the most advanced cartridge ever.

SRAM Red22 XG-1190 11-speed cassette

The XG-1190 is extremely lightweight, noiseless and offers a clear performance advantage. The nine middle pinions in the pinion block were made from a single block of high quality tool steel. They offer greater rigidity and weigh less than a titanium cassette. Between each pinion is a StealthRing elastomer that is vibration and sound absorbing. Rear sprocket openings reduce weight and add rigidity. The cassette is the last part in the drive puzzle and, in combination with the SRAM RED rear derailleur, enables ultra-fast and whisper-quiet shifts that are guaranteed to always get the right gear ratio


  • The hollow dome steel construction allows the stiffest and lightest sprocket set ever.
  • Compatible with SRAM RED eTap, RED, Force, Apex
  • The 11-30 and 11-32 ratios are NOT compatible with SRAM RED eTap.
  • Heat treated, high quality tool steel provides excellent durability and an elegant finish.
  • StealthRing ™ elastomers and advanced gear profiles provide vibration and noise reduction for trouble-free and smooth ride.
  • Aluminum pinion: lighter, stiffer and stronger due to the design, material and manufacturing process
  • Weight: 151g (11-25T)
  • Gears 11-fold


PowerdomeX ™ : Inspired by the combination of the OG1090 and XG 1099 cassette models, this hollow-design, heat-treated, high-quality tool steel features CNC-machined sprockets and rear openings for reduced weight and stiffness. It is the stiffest, lightest cassette SRAM has ever produced.

StealthRing ™: Specially designed and incredibly robust elastomers between the cassette's pinions are vibration and sound absorbing.

X-Glide ™: Imagine you can switch whenever you want, whatever the circumstances. And we're talking about gear shifting with full power. Up, down, whatever the trail requires. Although the advantage of the X-Glide drive is obvious, it has an immense effect on your driving experience when you think about it in more detail. Flawless shifting means you never have to compromise on speed and power on unpredictable off-road terrain.

And this is how it works: SRAM's engineers have thrown the old standards overboard and developed a completely new chainring geometry. They have the different sized chainrings exactly matched and the places where chain and chainring meet, revised. By fitting the sprocket teeth to the pivot pins of the chain (instead of to the middle of the chainring), you get twice as much gearshift options. So you never turn back in the wrong gear. With X-Glide you will always find THE right way.


  • 1x SRAM Red22 XG-1190 11-speed cassette
SRAM XG-1190 kazeta 11rychlost/í 11-25 zuby silver
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