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SRAM Red Aero Glide prehazovacka 10rychlost/í falcon grey

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SRAM Red Aero Glide prehazovacka 10rychlost/í falcon grey 74208500 243,93€
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WiFli 74208579 259,79€
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SRAM Red Aero Glide Rear Derailleur 10-speed

The SRAM RED product line represents the pinnacle of cycling technology and offers numerous performance benefits for both professionals and hobby cyclists.

SRAM Red Aero Glide Rear Derailleur 10-speed

It continues the tradition of SRAM as a leader in lightweight construction, flawless shifting and ergonomics with a fantastic design. Each part has been designed with SRAM's two goals in mind: no unnecessary parts and unparalleled performance. As elegant as it is simple, the RED range perfects the driving experience with pure innovation.

It takes a great passion for the sport to fully appreciate SRAM RED. This blurs the boundaries between man and machine. The SRAM RED rear derailleur features Exact Actuation technology for precise, efficient shifting. Carbon, titanium and ceramic bearings complete the system. The result is another contribution to the legacy as the center of the purest group for a perfect cycling experience.


  • Gears: 10
  • Material: carbon cages, inner parallelogram arm made of carbon, small parts made of titanium
  • Weight: 145g (short-cage) 167g (mid-cage)
  • AeroGlide Pulleys ™
  • Exact Actuation ™ circuit for fast and accurate shifting
  • Compatible with 10-speed SRAM circuits
  • More room for cassettes with 28 teeth thanks to longer articulated arm
  • Silent circuit with optimized AeroGlide ™ roller blades and ceramic bearings
  • Adjusting screw attached to the spring
  • Inconspicuous titanium clamping screw for minimal weight


EXACT ACTUATION ™: helps to create a simpler and more stable balance between the design of the rear derailleur hanger, tight sprocket spacings and precise tension. The result: a switching system with child-friendly operation that you set once and never again.

WiFLi ™: Represents Wider, Faster, Lighter ...

Wider: a larger translation width

Faster: Two chainrings at the front and 10-speed at the rear, creating a wider range of gears than conventional triple chainrings, and thanks to the two chainrings and 10 gears, it enables faster gearshifts and significantly reduced weight.

Lighter: lighter than 3-speed road bike components

AeroGlide Shaw Roll ™: A new pulley-tooth design with a sound-absorbing effect ensures an unforgettable and trouble-free ride. The lower and upper pulleys benefit from this feature.


  • 1x SRAM Red Aero Glide rear derailleur 10-speed
SRAM Red Aero Glide prehazovacka 10rychlost/í falcon grey
SRAM Red Aero Glide prehazovacka 10rychlost/í WiFli falcon grey
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