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Campagnolo Record prehazovacka 12rychlost/í

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Campagnolo Record prehazovacka 12rychlost/í 71360000 205,29€
Číslo výrobku výrobce RD20-RE124
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Precision, lightness and flexibility

The aim in developing the new Record ™ 12 Speed mechanical rear derailleur was to improve all performance and functional parameters, which is reflected in the new shape, which thanks to 3D Embrace technology better encompasses the sprockets and has a double effect: the chain traction is always perfect, which benefits the speed, the performance and the shifting precision and ensures an always optimal distance between the rear derailleur and pinions.

In addition, the swivel bracket is designed for a connection with sprockets from 11 to 34 teeth, which is why a single model can be used for all sprocket packages in the program. In order to increase or reduce the resistance and weight, the upper housing part of the mechanical rear derailleur Record ™ 12 Speed was made of technopolymer and reinforced with carbon fibers, while the adjusting screws of the stops on the rear of the rear derailleur facilitate the control interventions.


  • New upper body with HO geometry (hydraulic optimization) made of ultra-light, carbon fiber reinforced technopolymer
  • Totally renewed design: The new shape of the external components allows the rear derailleur to move at a different angle. The new interior design keeps the chain closer to the sprocket package, which guarantees better energy transfer, stronger and safer traction, better chain / sprocket connection and better durability of components that are subject to wear
  • Embrace Technolgogy ™: The special gear inside the rear derailleur body, which acts on a spring with a rectangular cross-section, enables the component to move in a way that exactly follows the curve of the pinions, namely on the cassette 11-23 like the new 11-29
  • Rear derailleur mounting screw made of aluminum: New 2-part system, with the same resistance and rigidity, a weight reduction of 53% compared to steel and 22% compared to titanium - Longer component life
  • Front parallelogram plate made of carbon fiber: extreme rigidity and reduced weight. For higher switching precision and longer component life
  • Parallelogram with Ultra-Shift ™ geometry: maximum stiffness of the rear derailleur, fast shifting, highest precision, least play
  • Upper and lower derailleur body made of monolithic technopolymer with carbon powder: maximum lightness while maintaining the strength against impacts and weather conditions
  • Carbon fiber derailleur: Carbon fiber derailleur cage: High rigidity for precise positioning - lowest weight

Technical specification

specification description
Field of application Road
Gears 12 times
Cage length medium (up to max. 34 teeth)
Type of mounting Joint for mounting on standard or DirectMount dropouts
material Carbon
Compatible with cassettes 11-29 / 11-32 / 11-34
Weight about 216g

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Campagnolo Record 12s rear derailleur (see item description for details)
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